Your Signature Style Part III: Identifying the Missing Pieces

Your signature style: find the missing piece. After the not-so-fun step of “analyzing your mistakes”, get back on track for the fun of Step 3: Identifying the missing pieces. Analysis and reflection are required. The following questions real simple The article is your go-to spot for what you need to round out your wardrobe.

Step 3: Identify what your wardrobe is missing

Separate clothes by type. Ideally, we want to have three times as many tops as he has bottoms. This is the same ratio found in stores. “Nobody remembers your pants,” she says. “We date people from the upper body.” Watson also notes that she mixes staples (timeless, solid colors) with novelties (prints, funky details) in a 60-40 balance. I am proposing. To narrow down what you need, write down your answers to these questions, then check off what’s missing in your closet.

  • What items make your wardrobe more versatile? (For example, a printed blouse that complements a pencil skirt, or a pointed-toe flat to make cropped pants look casual.)
  • You spend most of your days in a corporate environment, but do you have a closet full of hilarious sundresses?
  • Ever wondered what to wear?
  • Need to update a go-to item you’ve acquired over and over (blouse)?
  • Your answer reveals: The only thing you should buy. (stay strong!)


I want to wear something interesting/memorable, so I don’t necessarily agree with the top-to-bottom ratio of my closet. skirtBut I need to be careful with my tops and not always rely on black t-shirt stores.

The missing chunk in my wardrobe is related to weekend/casual wear (I’m retired, yay). Fresh Cotton tees (which wear out) and cool delicate shirts necklace for casual wear.I already bought gray wool cropped cardigan It can be worn anytime and fills many gaps.

These jeans look a little boring, but I love it simple cut and versatile.
another Basic It is often worn around here.

I’m good at occasion wear and I have the classic black pants suit and little black midi dressAs such, my shopping list is short, focused, and flexible with my dream pieces. Women can’t be too strict about these things! For example, here are some great blue oxfords, not on any list, but totally my style.

these are It’s a very cool, basic statement.

next time Finale: Shop Smarter!

Insightful fashionistas, what’s missing in your closet? Do you shop by list or are you driven by style spirit?

great stay, xo

Wear whatever you want, whenever you want. Here are some goodies to browse:

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