Your Distinctive Style Part II: Analyzing Your Mistakes

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Find your signature style. Analyze your mistakes. Picking my favorite “go-to” piece was fun and easy! I’m not very happy with the second installment of the Real Simple series, Define signature style. as it reads:

Step 2: Analyze mistakes

Much like rehashing a bad relationship, this tension-inducing (yet cathartic) exercise can help you avoid falling into the same dead end again. Pick five things you wish you didn’t buy, and ask yourself the following questions in addition to the questions from Step 1. Then let go of those items, plus anything that isn’t pulling weight. Losing 10 pounds or having a friend throwing a fancy party makes it perfect, even if the tags are still on. evolution of style“Don’t cling to images of what worked 10 or 20 years ago.”

Do you have a place to wear this?
Is it easy to maintain?
Is it bad quality?
Bought it for bargain thrills?
Did you buy it because it’s fashionable?
Was it a panic purchase for a big event?
Do the colors look pale? yellow? Rudy?

Your answers reveal: Your shopping blind spots. (Write down details about your mistakes so you don’t waste another cent falling into the same trap. You need to keep a firm list of your likes and dislikes.


Look, I really, really don’t own five things I wish I didn’t buy.yeah i Have I bought them – but they don’t stay long in my closet. So here are some sad memories and why they were a mistake.

  • Polyester Print 60’s Mini DressToo short, uncomfortable, poor quality fabric, and a little ‘young and silly’, I bought it for Thrill of the Bargains on eBay (“It’s vintage!”).
this is not my dress This oneblack tights and a cropped cardigan.
  • Ankle-length camel corduroy skirtBought at a thrift store for bargain thrills, I got old and grumpy.
now This one, Like. And I wear it like it’s styled here.
  • FLORAL PRINT COTTON BLAZERThe color washed me out, the construction was poor quality, and I bought it for a bargain thrill at Clearance Target.
This oneVintage and colorful but sophisticated Asian design.

You can see trends in my fashion “mistakes”. I got into Thrill of the Bargains without considering whether the pieces were really functional, high quality, and flattering colors to me.I’m getting better at resisting The Bargain but there are no recent purchases to include on this list.

next time Find the missing pieces!

how about you Want to share your buying “mistakes” and what you learned from them? Do you have any shopping blind spots?

great stay, xo

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