WYWI – Is this your style?

One day before the official start of fall, retailers are selling all plaids and tweeds. is this your style? Do you like tweed, plaid, houndstooth? Let’s talk about autumn textures.

Today’s mannequin is dressed in blue and vicuña. This is a combination we see a lot this season. Combining cool and warm?

sedona plaid jacket / ruffle neckline top / slim leg jeans / necklace / bracelet

When I polled my readers, less than 60% of them liked Would You Wear It (WYWI), but enough people do.

Some women are insulted by the frank and sweeping judgments of other readers. We apologize for that.Some blogger friends have comment moderation turned on one by one comment With every post because you can’t believe your audience is polite. I never felt it was necessary.

Please know that when you post branded collaboration outfits, you are simply sharing new fashions. You don’t have to feel an invitation to critique them. I like to reserve those conversations for her WYWI where they are most constructive.

Please be aware that this is an open forum and everyone in our community has feelings.

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back to the mannequin…

I’ve never commented on the WYWI, but there’s nothing I can do about it.when you click through Click here for jeans, you see the entire costume of a real woman. Mannequins often make clothes look better than they really are, but in this case it’s the opposite. The mannequin jacket looks out of shape and the jeans are too short. It is also evident that J. Jill’s image on her website has been altered to desaturate the colors. This is most noticeable on shirts, which make them appear warmer than they actually are.

I feel a gap between the neckline of my shirt and the collar of my blazer. Choose a short necklace that is not directly above the placket of your shirt.

what about you? What stands out in this look?

thank you for reading. Don’t forget to dress with confidence.

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