Why Your Hair Needs SPF Protection

Considering global climate change, autumn as well as summer is the time when our hair is particularly affected by UV rays. Combined with dry air and salt water, it can do the most damage to your hair.This is where sunscreen hairspray should be your best friend.

sunscreen hairspray

Imagine this: You are standing under the scorching rays of the sun. Your skin and face are most likely protected by your favorite sunscreen, but what about your hair? Have you ever wondered what your curls look like in bright sunlight?

sunscreen hairspray

UV rays damage the hair cuticle, making it stiff and brittle. Strands lose their color and vitality, making them look dull and unhealthy. It’s never too late to prevent everything! Bring sunscreen hairspray and apply it before each long exposure to the sun.

Plage Protective Sun Veil To Phyto

sunscreen hairspray

A sunscreen spray containing sunflower extract to protect curls from summer to autumn. UV rays, chlorine, salt and other enemies that threaten the beauty and health of your hair are hard to beat with this elixir.

Spray protection and prevention To moroccan oil

sunscreen hairspray

A light and comfortable color-keeping spray that gently cares with the tropical scent of sunflower extract and argan oil. A complex of antioxidants in the composition neutralizes free radicals and protects strands from exposure to UV rays and high temperatures.

Sun Care Oil Spray SPF 30 To Clarins

sunscreen hairspray

Enriched with organic Indonesian Calophyllum Oil to protect hair from the harmful effects of the sun, this non-greasy, waterproof hair spray has a pleasant exotic scent. Its action is enhanced by sunscreen and extracts of corn, sycamore and aloe to protect against UV rays.

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