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Why is The Kissing Boots movie not for everyone? And for you?

The Kissing Booth trilogy was a smash hit for Netflix, garnering millions of viewers worldwide. According to Netflix, the first Kiss Booth film was called a commercial success, with one in three viewers rewatching it, 30% higher than any other film rewatched on the platform.

However, critics with generally unfavorable reviews panned and heavily criticized the film. This is normally not a problem. Because I’m sure there are times when you watch a movie and really like it, only to find critics ruining it on social media. That may be normal, but Kissing Boots saw a lot of negative reviews from so many people.

according to rotten tomato The Kissing Booth Part One, 2, and Three received ratings of 55, 39, and 17 respectively. Shocking, right? Wasn’t the movie everyone’s cup of tea? why? In this blog, we’ll look at some of the reasons why.

cliché story

Boy Meets Girl High School Story isn’t just a huge breath of fresh air for everyone. , with many cliché plotlines, and Ella wishes she were like them. Others include the cliché airport farewell scene, students skipping school for weeks, and hot guys who are always shirtless. Make a list of cons and cons. The characters go to the most common prom party and declare their love in front of everyone.


Indiewire’s Kate Erbland It sees movies as sexist and outdated. Her feelings may be a little harsh, but they’re not far from the truth. The film fails to understand gender dynamics and what constitutes a healthy relationship. Ella’s main character is often a slut, her love interest, and a romantic “bad boy”, mostly concerned with getting into fights and justifying his possessiveness. . We become a boy who becomes the moment when a schoolboy catcalls her that she’s wearing a short dress that’s not far from the dress code. shows that there is nothing to do but just wear shorts and scream. The film does a backflip to make sure the main character is undressing her.

There are scenes that make no sense

You might end up asking a lot of questions because some moments in The Kissing Booth just don’t make sense. Ella decides to date the guy who grabbed her ass after slipping her lame apology into her short skirt. why? As another example, Noah and Lee live in a great house but have no idea what their parents are up to. Ella strips in front of everyone after Noah tells her to leave.

The movie never explains whether this is her typical behavior or whether she does it to get Noah’s attention. , not explained. The revelation that he was accepted into Harvard came out of nowhere. Noah pretends he is his brother Lee and Ella pours her heart out to him. It doesn’t make sense that her siblings would be so different in size that she wouldn’t notice the difference. This movie could be considered ridiculously cheesy by moviegoers.

Parents don’t like it.

According to a poll conducted by common sense media, many parents were disappointed that the film and Netflix were advertised as pre-teen movies. Many concerns stemmed from the pervasive toxic masculinity, lack of parental supervision, normalized predatory behavior, and the sexual harassment depicted in the film. is relentlessly controlling you to the point of stalking you and giving the impression that it’s okay to show his violent tendencies. You have to ignore everything in your life that tries to tell you.

The Kissing Booth is a teen movie

This movie is essentially a teen movie made for young people, so it may not be for everyone.according to common sense media, many kids rated it 13+ and called it the best movie ever. A few suggestive items were shown (condoms, lube), but many reviews thought it would be fine since no pubic area was shown. There may be some inappropriate scenes, but overall it’s a great movie with a true sense of friendship and well worth watching.

Kiss Booth wasn’t for everyone, but I agree it was a hit with younger viewers in particular. Many articles on “how to dress like Joey King” are available online.

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