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Why I got freckles tattooed on my face — Ivana Jorgensen

IDK about you, but I’m someone who always wanted the opposite of what I grew up with. I really wanted curly hair. I used to draw with my mom’s eyeliner pencil when I was little! These days, my life hasn’t been all about cute IG freckle filters, so I’m using Freck to draw them. 🙁

A few months ago I came across an Instagram post. I wanted them so much, but I couldn’t imagine committing to something as permanent as a tattoo on my face. Ok (the same way you can microblade your eyebrows).

Without a second thought, I booked an appointment with Alicia from Arch and Glow LV A few weeks later I was lying in that chair!

Alicia I started by numbing my face for about 20-30 minutes (literally the same process as microblading). She drew the freckles with markers and I was free to add/remove them. We went. We figured it would be easier to add it later than remove it and not so shocking this way!

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