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Who What Wear Podcast: Kendra Scott

I am interested in your business plan. Specifically, in the early days, people were saying, ‘Well, I need to be in New York. “Well, you have to be in LA,” you said. How. “ What made you come up with that strategy?

Being in Austin was part of my brand’s DNA. Style, aesthetics, music, culture, a lot of people didn’t know Austin 20 years ago.

It’s got a really great vibe and it’s been part of the design process for me. You wouldn’t be in a legitimate fashion business if you weren’t on one of the coasts.’ I was just like, ‘No.

Then they will see my collection. They said, ‘This is so refreshing and amazing. I love the colors. I love the way these new shapes and cuts and all the different things are utilized. ”

Walk into Kendra Scott’s booth and we’re doing our thing. So stick with it and be proud of where you’re from. I wasn’t going to let it stop me.

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