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Where to go downtown — Ivana Jorgensen

One of our favorite things to do on weekends is head to downtown Las Vegas. It’s where we do most of our photo shoots, run our studios, and hang out. Over the years, DTLV has completely transformed from a run-down town into a center of culture, music and art. It’s the only place in Las Vegas where you can see the actual neon lights and signs, just like what the Las Vegas Strip looked like before it was modernized. I’ll start by saying that whenever someone asks me for Vegas recommendations, I always have to go downtown.

Last weekend I had the chance to stay at the iconic hotel Plaza Hotel & Casino for a mini staycation. The Plaza has been featured in many classic Vegas movies and shows. Easily recognizable by all the bright lights on the circular driveway in front of the hotel. The Plaza has stayed true to its vintage Las Vegas roots without tearing down its towers or undertaking any serious renovations, but it has recently undergone some room renovations, check them out. Our staycation consisted of two nights in a newly renovated hotel. Pool patio room.

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