When you love fashion but fashion doesn’t love you, you start a brand: Mahrzad Lari – FashionTalks

Ever since he came to his senses, Mahzad Lari Demonstrates talent in fashion and illustration. From the age of 5 onwards, he was pulling away, expressing his own unique perspective on the world. Fast forward a few years and his passion only grew stronger. In 2007, the young man began his fashion education at Marie’s Victorine School of Design. After three years of training, he started an internship at Canada’s leading luxury fashion house, Maison His Marie Saint-Pierre. A three-month residency turned into a ten-year residency for him, rising to his directorship of the Maison’s collections. It was during his travels that he learned to construct and assemble extravagant garments, where he mastered the cut and proportions, and the intricate art of draping fabrics on the body. Giving him the key ingredients and know-how to finally design and create work for himself so that he can finally feel confident and finally seen. gave to

Inspired by his family’s professional landscape, Mahrzad decided to pursue another passion and began a career in real estate as a home broker at Royal LePage Altitude, where he learned the art of trading from the best businesses. I called.

His entrepreneurial spirit ultimately fused his love of business with plus-size menswear to better serve a wide range of men, and delved deep into his personal story. spread the brandAn outstanding sense of pride is the very feeling he shares with men all over the world, and it is through confidence, pride, acceptance and self-esteem that they are finally able to live and share their true potential. .

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