what to wear with a jeans jacket

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A jean jacket is a must-have for any wardrobe, regardless of your personal style. It can be worn all year round and comes in many colors. Great for layering and goes with almost anything. In this post, we’ll show you some great ways to style your jean jacket.

  1. denim on denim. There are some people who don’t like denim on denim, so it’s a bit subtle, but I’ll include it. Speaking of which, I may be posting about denim on denim in the near future, so stay tuned.
  2. As I said earlier, not all jean jackets are blue. White is the most common color, but red, pink, black, yellow, and purple are also available.It can also be multiple colors like this which you can get by clicking here. Off-White Painted Denim Jacket, $726 | farfetch.com | Lookastic.com
  3. Wear your jacket like a shirt. Just fasten all the buttons and match it with a skirt or one-piece pants for a cute look.
  4. Add a jean jacket to dress down a dress or skirt.
  5. Grab a patterned jean jacket to make any outfit pop.
  6. For a more sparkly look, try an embellished jacket.
  7. Pull a jean jacket over a cute hooded dress like this one to step away from casual sweats. $20.07 Long Sleeve Mini Parka Dress (with Pictures) | Wholesale-mensclothing.com FashionWhat does it look like?click here for more information.
  8. Add patches to your jean jacket to personalize your look.
  9. If your jacket sleeves are a little short, cut them to make a cute jean vest.
  10. Experiment with different lengths. Cropped jackets look great with dresses, while longer jackets look great with trousers and skirts. But that’s my opinion.

What do you wear with your jean jacket? Please comment below.

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