What to wear when going out on the town this summer

Shona Joy Priscilla How To Wear This Summer In The City Pintucked Crossback Midi Dress

It’s officially August, but summer isn’t over yet. If you’re taking your last summer trip or spending the summer in town, here are some things you might need on what to wear when you head out into town this summer. It’s blisteringly hot, so wear something breezy, breezy and comfortable for this beautiful summer weather. Shona Joy Pink Tuck Crossback Midi Dress or this amazing discovery ASOSA summer dress is officially my go-to outfit for this weather, and I always complete my look with a Michelle watch. fun bagstatement sunglasses like my Jacques Marie Mage pair (sold out, here black), jewelry. Very comfortable and fun to wear. Here’s what you need for a city outing this summer.

Here are my five urban summer essentials, and what I wear during my city outings.

  1. summer dress

This summer dress isn’t comfy, but it’s light and airy for those humid summer days.

2. Statement Sunglasses

Everyone needs sunglasses this summer and all year round. Statement sunglasses like this pair will upgrade your look and make you stand out.

3. Sandals

I love a great pair of summer sandals. When you’re out on the town, wear comfortable shoes like these sandals for a day on the town. I’ve collected a lot of sandals over the years, and this summer I’ve collected even more. This pair is one of them.

4. Color bag

I’m more and more a bag girl these days. Importing is investing in a bag that can be used for a lifetime. Think quality over quantity when it comes to investing in luxury bags. Find nice and fun colors to enhance your look. In this post, you can’t go wrong with Lady Dior wearing her bag.

5. Jewelry

I love pretty pieces that go well with summer dresses. I love ankle bracelets. They add a sense of “je ne sais quoi” to your outfit. I usually like to keep my jewelry simple when I’m out on the town. can be found.

Shauna Joy Priscilla Pintuck Crossback Midi Dress - Lady Dior Mini Bag
Shona Joy Priscilla How To Wear This Summer In The City Pintucked Crossback Midi Dress
Shona Joy Priscila Pintuck Crossback Midi Dress