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What to wear in Ireland in summer: carry-on list

what to wear in ireland in the summer

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Hey Hey!

Have a wonderful summer! I’m not going to lie. The time away from posting was much needed. It was great to be with my family and enjoy the summer as much as possible! (I’ll be back to normal programming in a few weeks, but until then I’ll be posting here and there!)

That said, as per your request, I am here today with my Irish inventory list. Whitney on wednesday! 😆 (Of course I’ll have a packing list and recap for when I get back from there!) Don’t worry.I’m also working on a travel summary for Ireland, but this post many Topic Requested – Get this one published first! Whether you’re heading out for a quick trip or checking your bags for a long-distance adventure, I think this is a good place to start.

What to wear in Ireland in summer: carry-on list

Reasons for continuing:

I usually like to keep traveling abroad. Especially when moving from place to place. (The exception is if you plan to stay at your first destination for a few days and want to have enough space to go shopping). Due to the bag check frenzy going on in Europe right now (google it if you don’t know what I mean), I was immediately on a direct train to Killarney and I lost my bag I decided I couldn’t afford it. We landed in Dublin and didn’t want to end up with no luggage if we lost it in Killarney.

Another reason was that I wanted to minimize my time spent at Dublin Airport. Note: Dublin to state flights require you to pass through security *twice*. Once for normal security and once for his TSA security. On entry you can’t go to the pre-check/fast track lane like you can in the states. We arrived about 3 hours early and had no issues, but if we had to check our bags it would have taken even longer. You can read more here.

Luckily, it’s super easy to carry around for summer when you don’t need many layers. Ireland is generally a pretty laid-back culture, so I didn’t feel the need to dress up. Even when I went out to a nicer dinner in Dublin one night, I was still dressed casually.you don’t wear them!)

my suitcase:

If you’re in the market, I’ve been a lover of my Delsey Chatalet 21-inch spinner suitcase for years. Macy’s Also AmazonWe also have a 24 inch version in case you need to check in your luggage.

Tips for not continuing:

get apple air tag You can put it in your luggage and track it with FindMy. If you lose it, at least you know where you left it and where to tell the airline to look for it!

Packing color scheme:

Neutrals (Use a pop of color accessory if you want!) I always love to pack neutrals. It just gets easier! Ireland can also get quite wet. For example, I was dying to wear bright and colorful summer dresses and tops, as if I were going to Capri. No need to.

Packing when I went to Ireland in the summer:

(Of course there’s not much documented, including some costumes. But I’ll include the best I have! 😂)

what to wear in ireland in the summer

The biggest tip I can offer, as you’ve probably heard already, is pack layers! Weather forecasts change all the time, so don’t trust them! You’ll want to wear a jacket (something light during the day, something warm at night – we’ll get to that in a second!) and a pair of sneakers. The trip could have been much easier. seriously! Casual layers are best.

Timeframe: For reference, It was mid-July and typical Irish summer weather. (We missed a heat wave by a week!)

Irish summer packing list

Tops + Tees:

Fahti Willa Top:

Probably one of the most worn blouses ever. Cute for day and night, it’s super lightweight so it’s great for hot weather, but it has sleeves if you need extra warmth. I wore this day and night. (I’m wearing this top in the top photo + last photo!)

White tea:

I brought some white t-shirts and wore them several times during my trip!I love Everlane box cut pocket t-shirt, Faherty’s Puff Sleeve Cloud T-shirtWhen Able’s Maid Drape T-shirtI highly recommend them all!

Black tea:

I wore a black T-shirt several times during my travels. fitted black t-shirt in this way The atmosphere is like a jumpsuit, so it is easy to dress up and can be worn casually. If you like Boxy T, abercrombie There are cute things!

graphic tees/striped tee:

I love good graphic tees.Abercrombie has a lot of cute things like now this, thisAlso this! I also love striped tees for the same reason. Able Maria Stripe T-Shirt– I love the boxy fit!

Outing Tops:

These are completely optional and you don’t really have to go out.A cute t-shirt, leather jacket and sneakers are perfectly fine, but I white puff sleeve top (My exact one is sold out, but you should be able to find many similar ones at this link!) black tops like this When This one!

Irish summer clothes


Golde Riley jeans:

The only pair of jeans I brought on my trip! I chose these because they are cute, trendy and comfortable. Also, the distressed hem/straight-leg cut makes a basic t-shirt look cuter. I love that juxtaposition. (My best style trick! Read more about “juxtaposition rules” here!)

Able Shirley Utility Jumpsuit:

I have this jumpsuit in two colors and it’s super versatile, cute, comfortable and wrinkle free, if it does get wrinkled you can easily blow it off with an iron in your hotel room. I can do it. Worn once during the day and once at night on the Ring of Kerry tour. We have very few stocks in most sizes, so if you’re interested, you can get it right away! (15% off with code JESSKEYS15!)


My favorite Aerie Offline Leggings were the ones I wore on the plane with a T-shirt and jeans jacket.

What to wear in Ireland in summer: carry-on list



I wore this during the day on the coldest days and almost every night! (15% off with code JESSKEYS15!)

Able Bailey Jean Jacket:

Lighter than a leather jacket, this has been my go-to day jacket. (15% off with code JESSKEYS15!)

Lightweight raincoat:

mine is old so i can’t link it but i love it this version When this versionI didn’t actually take it out of my suitcase as the weather was so nice (the forecast said it would rain every day, but there was just a little bit of fog here and there). It’s worth including here just in case. If I was doing activities or hiking in the country (i.e. if I got caught in the rain somewhere and couldn’t get into the store right away), I would have wanted one. one for me!

Footwear for summer travel in Ireland


Many tourists tell you to bring your boots. No need to bring boots of any kindI would have been hot in boots, and it’s a bit strange to wear boots in July when sneakers are perfectly fine. There is none.

White leather sneakers:

I’ve owned Everlane Leather Court Sneakers for years and have been through a lot of traveling and walking. Any leather sneaker is naturally water resistant, especially if it’s made of hard leather like this one. I wore it day and night. They run his TTS and you can see my review here from a few years back.

Rossy’s Flat:

If you want a different type of shoe, Rothy’s is for you.I love Rothy’s flat on my toes I wore it once during the day and several times at dinner! It’s a bit more chic than sneakers, but Ireland is super casual, so ‘chic’ isn’t necessary.i got it too / i love it their classic round flats (I have them in red) – it depends on your style preferences!

*I brought a pair of flat sandals, but it was too hot to wear them!

Bags to pack for Ireland
Able Abella Rucksack


neck/hair scarf:

All mine are old, but the links are similar. I love traveling with her two different scarves. Larger silk/silk-like scarves (You can tie it in your hair or hang it around your neck) and bandana (more casual, smaller, lighter, around your neck). Both really add a lot to a basic outfit and can make a difference in looking back at a photo and thinking, “What was I wearing?” and “Wow! You looked cute!”

Able Abella Rucksack:

My Travel Wallet – I can’t stress enough how great it is to always be hands-free when you’re on the go or traveling all day. I much prefer a backpack to a shoulder bag and it’s roomy enough for my camera and jacket so I don’t have to wear extra layers when the weather heats up in the afternoon. Really high quality and the leather wears beautifully over time. Frequent application of leather conditioner is recommended to keep it looking its best. (15% off with code JESSKEYS15!)

Able Carla belt bag:

this bag Another favorite from ABLE. This bag is perfect if you just need your phone, lipstick and a few credit cards. It literally holds nothing, but is perfect for when you don’t need anything and just forget you’re wearing it. It doesn’t take up space. I don’t mind a crowded pub or hopping around town all night. (Please note that my discount code does not work for this!)

Retractable Umbrella:

When it rains, it’s convenient to have it with you at all times!

Irish summer travel

that’s it! Hope this helps! Happy packing and have the best time in Ireland!

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