The post-pandemic world of Jacquemus is not your usual fairytale lavender and wheat fields. Entitled ‘La Montagne’ (meaning ‘Mountain’), the book is a story of progress from naivety, exploration and redefinition of oneself. At the same time, it doesn’t define itself at all. Straying from the stylized grand catwalk, he displayed his designs in a blank but hypercolored space, putting all the emphasis on design.In contrast to his beautiful linen dress. In clothing, clothing was a pragmatic approach. Its surrealism literally translates into outfits that contrast maxi and mini silhouettes in the same look. Fall has a new optimism we’ve never seen before, and Jacquemus has given us that with his season’s garments.

Check out this fall’s trends through Jacquemus’ surrealist vision, and shop similar pieces to add to your closet below.

What to expect in autumn at JACQUEMUS

saturated hue

A sea of ​​browns, olive greens, and blacks with a punch of fuchsia, orange, and red? Sounds like the perfect fall color palette to me.

What to expect in autumn at JACQUEMUS

Athleisure Updated

It’s like going hiking in the mountains with a cool French girl twist. Think cropped puffers, cargo pants, zippers, drawstrings, hook details and more.

What to expect in autumn at JACQUEMUS

bra tops aren’t going anywhere

They’re still the perfect layer piece. Expect the trend to evolve into pin-tops this fall, as we’ve seen in other looks (above) on this green-grass runway. Look, the metal clip is the letter Jacquemus.

outstanding jacket

If a jacket is “so good”, you don’t need anything else to compete with it. Pair with a loose-fitting top and trousers and you’re all set.

What to expect in autumn at JACQUEMUS - Jacquemus Fall 2021 show

Pairing mini and maxi pieces

Tonal styling is still important, but coordinating mini and maxi silhouettes can take your look to another level. Combine a simple bra top or cropped pin top with a thick coat and cargo pants or wide pants for a well-balanced look.

All photos from vogue.com