What the blog taught me

What the blog taught meAfter 11 years of blogging, I’m reflecting on lessons learned. Some gave me a headache, others permeated my consciousness like a lovely scent. They’re doing it more and more.

Over ten years of blogging have taught me:

  • countless computing skills, WordPress, Instagram, how to use Pinterest, photo editing, Blogger quirks, video editing and more. I am young again!
  • better composition skillsI have always been a proper writer and was often drafted to write projects at work. But this kind of personal writing, blogging, demanded a different part of me: a way to disclose, entertain (hopefully), and reach out to a wider audience with just electronics.
  • Don’t take criticism personally. OK, I’ve known this for some time. She can’t reach 66 without being criticized a thousand times. But from a stranger it stung/stung. I’m still working on this. All readers are entitled to their own opinions. As one of my wise ex-patient girlfriends once told me, “Not everyone in this life will kiss your ass.” Smart Lady.
  • Not afraid of change, risk and adventure in styleIt should be fun, not surgery. Don’t try too hard, throw something in and check it out. Grab an unexpected opportunity.
10 years ago: It wasn’t my most successful fashion moment, but I felt it!
And a more flattering look from five years ago.
in New York a few months ago. largest city.
  • that we are all together. Best lesson of all. At 56, I was afraid to expose myself to the world. I thought fashion and style belonged to young beautiful bloggers who looked like Vogue and Elle models. Some are my age cohort, many are not models, but they are all equally beautiful. We have something to share and we are not dead yet.
  • Sometimes, no matter how rewarding the experience,, blogging needs a break, a rest. I haven’t stopped writing – at least he has three topics crossing my mind every day – but now that I’m retired, I even have new, unfamiliar goals. I read and listen more and explore new music. Head inside to tackle the important stuff and get ready for the long summer trip.

This is probably not the end of my blogging adventure. Just an exciting bend in the road.

Do you have a curve in the road?

great stay, xo

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