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What People Are Actually Wearing In The Heat

Heat wave style equals “struggle is real”. Sticky when hot. It’s uncomfortable. Wearing clothes in high temperature hurts the buttocks. But it’s also a great way to get creative. How to stay stylish in the heat? That’s what this article will tell you. Pairing an oversized shirt with a lingerie top might be the answer. Scroll down for more heat wave style tips.

as simple as possible

Let’s be honest, loose-fitting shirts and shorts are easy to come by for any occasion. If you wear the wrong fabric in the heat, you’re doomed. A silk linen mix or poplin cotton is best. Breathable fabrics are your friend, and roomy styles let air flow around areas where you tend to sweat (we all do).Moreover, there is nothing like a classic helmet To keep attention directed towards you (for good reason).

invest in sunglasses

Million dollar tip. Sunglasses are an essential part of your warm-weather outfit. They have the power to make or break your look. Choose one that not only complements everything else you’re wearing, but goes with all the summer outfits you have. .

anything slip-on

that is sleeveless puffy dress or sandalsA slip-on fit saves a lot of time on busy mornings before work. Slippin’ the best! (Sorry, I had to). The magic of slip-on dresses lies in their versatility. Its minimalist attitude makes it perfect for dressing up or down for literally any occasion. Slip a sweatshirt over it for a casual weekend look, or right jewelry For a casual and formal impression. Accessories should be selected accordingly.It can be styled just as easily heel As mentioned above slide sandals and raffia tote.

Any other heat wave style tips? Drop them in the comments and follow me tick tock for many!

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