“What is your tension?” drop

new FASHIONKUSH “What’s your tension?” Drop is live!!!

…. &, I’m not proud of it, but it’s a whole butt vibe.

We all have a “seed of choice”. fashion kush, we believe it’s time to own it. The Strain T-shirt is literally the perfect oversized comfy long sleeve, and the Strain description in a pastel puff print is detailing like the *chef’s kiss* we love. You can toss it in a sweatshirt for a cozy/cool girl vibe at the beach, or layer it under an oversized blazer with some rad boots for a street style chic look. increase. signature logo hat Match (or not match – the color combination possibilities are so much fun!).

Check out the full drop here and take a peek at the part below.

& PS until Cyber ​​Monday with the purchase of a free lighter and sticker sheet on all orders over $50 at Fashionkush 🙂


ˈin-di-kə | noun

Indica is a classification of marijuana plants known for their therapeutic effects. Indica is a good strain for anxiety, pain and sleep disorders as it promotes relaxation. Perfect for night time use.

Popular Indica Strains: Bubba Kush, Dosidos, xxx og, mk ultra

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indica long sleeve | | Baby Blue Logo Dad Hat


sə-ˈtē-and | noun

Sativa is a subspecies of the cannabis plant that is widely known for its uplifting effects. Sativa produces a more cerebral or “mind high” and is loved by many for its energetic effects.Popular Sativa Strains: Sour Diesel, Candyland, Lemon Cake, Haze

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sativa long sleeve | | Light Yellow Logo Dad Hat


ˈhī-brād | sheibrard | noun

A hybrid is a combination of two cannabis strains, Sativa and Indica. Bred to inherit the ideal traits of each plant to produce a powerful yet balanced effect. Hybrids are versatile and suitable for different people.

Popular hybrid strains: Pink Kush, Cherry Pie, Gelato, Holy Grail

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hybrid long sleeve | | Pink Logo Dad Hat