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What can we learn from Prince Harry’s funeral attire?

What a happy ending. After all, these rules were mostly arbitrary. “There were no rules before both Prince Andrew and Prince Harry stepped down to perform official duties on behalf of their monarchs, but the decision was made by Buckingham Palace that only members of the royal family wear military uniforms for funerals. Got to wear it… Queen Elizabeth II,” British etiquette coach William Hanson said in an email.

But of course the drama didn’t end there. His uniform had just been returned and Harry knew something was wrong. The Queen’s initials, ER, were patched out of their usual location on the shoulder of the uniform.there were some gossip That Harry felt “heartbroken” and “excluded” by the removal of the patch. But the move is at least in line with precedent. “Only those who serve the monarch will wear the code of the king.”

Harry’s new role, or lack thereof, in the royal family resurfaced at Monday’s funeral. Hanson said, “This is a funerary version of what you normally see at Royal Ascot. [a horse race]smart British weddings and garden parties in palaces.

Naturally, “morning of mourning” is governed by even more unwritten rules. “The curb-front tailcoat is usually always black with any morning dress, and the trousers are always gray and striped,” Hanson reported. A crisp white shirt is the only option for true mourning.

Prince William and Harry at Monday’s funeral

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Harry’s attire was markedly different from the military uniforms worn by other high-ranking royals, such as his brother William, the Prince of Wales, and his father, Prince Charles. and Prince Harry wore a morning dress. [Harry] The Duke of Sussex is not. ”

Nevertheless, Harry was allowed to wear the military medals he earned during his active service. “These were worn right on the left side of the jacket and around the neck,” Hanson said. Also at the bottom of his tailcoat is a star, which he was awarded in 2015 for his services to the monarch, and this star distinguishes him as “Commander of the Royal Victorian Order”. .

At the beginning of this story, Prince Harry’s spokesperson issued a statement urging people to pay more attention to why he was wearing it than what he was wearing. Please continue to focus on His Majesty’s life and legacy.” statement readBut deciphering the rules, both royal edicts and unwritten rules, can help us understand the turmoil currently surrounding the royal family.

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