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Weed, Wine, Motherhood | Because it’s an Addiction

This post was written by contributor Chelsea Becker.

Scroll through Instagram each night to see moms sharing wine as they end a hectic day. Wine has unofficially become the drink of motherhood.Coping with the endless pressures and exhaustion of motherhood Some feel it’s the only way out, while others find the “I need wine to survive a child” attitude harmful.

Personally, I think it’s more important to have a day cap regardless of whether you have kids or not. It was a glass of wine for me…until it wasn’t.

Wine, or basically any form of alcohol, began to make me feel sick, even if it was in a small glass. I had a hard time falling asleep, started having hot flashes in the middle of the night, and felt sluggish the next day. It’s not exactly how I wanted it to feel, even if it meant signaling relaxation after my kids fell over.

I gave CBD a chance and didn’t feel much of a difference.I tried magnesium and it wasn’t enough. I tried bathing and self-care, but some days it felt like more work after work. And I started smoking weed most days of the week.

Weed was nothing new to me. I’ve been smoking since high school, but it wasn’t regular for me. Especially not every day. But almost immediately, I fell in love with the routine of a few hits or edibles each night, much more relaxing than a glass of wine. It made me more relaxed. I found myself nagging her husband less and becoming more carefree. This is something I’ve struggled with as a busy mom. I actually quit my night job (as opposed to answering emails while drinking wine and watching a show).

Once I got past the self-judgment of frequently using weed, especially while my kids were asleep, I learned to love my routine. there is no. No hangover included.

How do you feel about weed + motherhood? Do you have a relaxing routine every night?

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