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We opened a CBD shop! Meet Artemis – 87 Christopher Street, New York


You may find answers for anxiety, PTSD, and pelvic floor muscle spasms.

If you asked me if Artemis could come out 10, 5, or even a year ago, the answer would have been big. numberThe truth is every blogger/instagrammer/content creator I know is worried about their future. As content and new social platforms evolve, so must we, and naturally the “shelf self” gets shorter. Therefore, most of us are starting to think about avenues other than blogging. Natural Fit is typically a clothing line, jewelry line, or beauty line. I’ve always loved fashion, so I instinctively wanted to get more involved in the world of design.

Back in Los Angeles, I hired a tutor to teach patternmaking and design. I did a collaboration with Marissa Webb a few years ago and learned a lot about construction and styling. The maker had a mission aligned with the future clothing brand of helping previously sex-trafficked women. was not No matter how hard I tried, I didn’t know what my added value was. I didn’t want to have a clothing brand to have a clothing line. In the end, the idea was put on hold.

Flashback to a few months ago, I saw an episode of Vice while editing photos for my blog and Instagram. It was about how they were using it. Then I watched another episode about CBD and depression, then PTSD, and immune disorders. . I’m sure you’ve been wondering…CBD may help with anxiety, PTSD, and pelvic spasms. In a way, I wanted to find the answer myself.

A few months later, when I saw this space, I knew it would be our second home. And like a bullet, everything happened very quickly. But very naturally. We signed the lease, started building it, thoroughly surveyed the compound and handcrafted all cement decorations and display signs.We had electricians, contractors, merchandisers , did not hire his designer for the interior. It was just Colin and I. And Colin’s best friend Matt stopped by to help clean, set up, and paint. The whole process took about a month and that was it. Artemis opened and changed our lives.

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What makes Artemis different from other CBD shops

  • Artemis is New York’s only minority women-owned CBD shop.
  • The space is warm and inviting, with a collection of old books and cement accents throughout, blending the old with the new.
  • We have a very detailed curation process. Curate only lab tests and require all lab tests to check cannabinoid and terpene levels, pesticides, heavy metals, microbes, and residual solvent levels. Products are cross-inspected to ensure their claims are true and correctly labeled. When onboarding new brands, remove brands to ensure curation is tight and meaningful.
  • We spend 30-45 minutes with each client, from sharing the benefits of CBD, explaining the composition of the compound and how it interacts with receptors, sharing the extraction process, and learning about allergies and sensitivities. We always look up medication recommendations and provide medication guides and journals before leaving the store.
  • We focus on women’s health (such as focusing on PMS relief and providing medication recommendations with estrogen levels in mind).
  • We offer a complete 360 ​​degree approach to client care. All the products we have are hemp-derived and contain less than 0.3% THC dry weight, so some clients may need high amounts of THC to treat their medical conditions. works with a network of medical professionals to help ease the entire process from obtaining a cannabis medical card to visiting a cannabis dispensary here in New York.
  • We promote education. Every part of the store has a school board or accompanying literature. again, podcast When Youtube A channel where we sit down with doctors and talk about all things CBD. Follow us on Instagram @artemishousenyc For more CBD education and updates.
  • We do our best to get to the source of our products by establishing relationships with farmers, extractors and formulators.
  • With great honor and gratitude, Dr. Junella Chinthe world’s leading integrative medical cannabis physician.
  • From the compound level to the human level, Love that.

My personal CBD journey

Did you find relief for anxiety, PTSD, and pelvic floor spasms? Yes WhenI don’t think CBD is a one-size-fits-all/final solution. Quality of lifeI now manage my stress, anxiety and PTSD better with CBD. The biggest difference is that you are not in pain all the time.My pelvic muscle spasms are much more manageable now and my pain on my worst days has decreased from 9 to 2. When In part, I’m still looking into therapy, establishing a good work-life balance, watching my diet, and developing good sleep habits. , I am very happy to be able to stop taking painkillers.

As for Artemis, Colin and I are in the store every day. I am honored to have met such wonderful people. In addition, I had the opportunity to connect and talk with hibakusha. Women from all walks of life come to the store to share survivor stories, trauma and recovery journeys. Artemis is more than just his CBD. It’s a true relationship.

It’s been a long article, but thank you for sticking with me until the end. I will share my CBD regime, what I take and how I take it in another post.

If there was a way to take the weight off your mind (reduced anxiety), your heart rate would speed up and you would feel like you were in constant fight-or-flight mode (reduced stress), what would quality sleep look like? If you have a way to get rid of the feeling of knowing (I can sleep well), work without thinking about pain (relieving pain and inflammation), and on days when I am worried about PMS (relieving PMS), please drop by. Artemis – 87 Christopher Street, West Village. We would love to be a part of your health journey.

Thank you for always reading!

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