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If you are new to my site and blog, welcome. My name is Alyssa Couture. I am the founder/owner of Healthy Fashion Campaign. I am a fashion writer, fashion entrepreneur and planetary energy healer. Unless it’s a guest post, I’m the writer for this blog. My fashion campaign is movement. It was created to help people build healthier fashion concepts in their wardrobes and businesses.

This new blog post is about how I can help you and how my services and campaigns can help you.

In this post I will discuss with you

  • What is healthy fashion?

  • What kind of services do you offer?

  • Services and resources coming soon

  • 50+ healthy fashion hashtags/keywords related to fashion for health

about me

Many years ago I went to college at the Academy of Art University, majoring in fashion design. I have worked in the fashion business and fashion retail for most of my adult life.you can read more about me hereI have been working as a fashion entrepreneur on and off since 2014. I have worked with several media channels and publications.visit my press page here.

About Healthy Fashion Campaign

Healthy fashion is a creative business because it is a hybrid of fashion. It blends fashion with health, new age, self-help, psychology, and a few other topics. I have over 15 years of experience in the fashion industry and his 10+ years of research and work experience in New Age, Spirituality and Alternative Health. Regarding the new and old concept of fashion and wellness, I wanted to blend fashion and wellness. , transcendental and fundamental knowledge.

Many suffer in the name of fashion. I personally suffered in the name of fashion! For this reason, I decided to start my own business to help people.

I am here to help with your fashion company and/or your personal wardrobe. Are you interested in healthy fashion or already practicing healthy fashion concepts? Whether you are a practitioner of “healthy fashion” or not, my job is for you.

Healthy fashion is multifaceted. The main concept of my work “Healthy Fashion” is:

fashion for

  • mental body

  • emotional body

  • body

  • energetic body

  • spirit body

Who is the Healthy Fashion Campaign for?

Healthy fashion is a niche topic, but it’s also part of a larger topic, wellness trends.Global wellness economy rated 4.4 trillion Healthy fashion adds value to the ‘fashion wellness’ and ‘wellness’ markets. Fashion for health and wellness is a fashion trend that fills a gap in the market.

The Healthy Fashion Campaign is for those who lead a holistic lifestyle. They are healthy and like to live a cultured lifestyle. They are interested in fashion culture.

My fashion business is for people who want to practice fashion as an alternative

health measures. It is also recommended for those who are interested in eco-friendly fashion.

I have created a special service for you and your wardrobe, or for you and your fashion business.

Business headquarters

I’m in San Diego, California. I work from home, so my company address is my home address. But I travel. I like working in libraries, coffee shops, cafes and coworking spaces.

Photo credit: John Dees

How the healthy fashion campaign started

Did something happen in building your business?

I have several projects and hobbies such as traveling and visiting energy vortices. One of the things that happened to him in starting his business (resuming business) was in 2018 he visited Shasta in Mount, California. We started the campaign in 2015, then had to do other things and restarted in 2020. Visits to Mount Shasta and other vortexes: Lake Tahoe, Joshua Tree, Sedona, Arizona, and more. Over the past five years, I have visited hundreds of energy vortices around California and the Midwest.

When I restarted in 2020 and wrote my book Healthy Fashion, I was driving and traveling a lot on road trips. I think my business idea began to take shape to some extent when I visited Mt. Shasta, known as the vortex of spiritual energy. I wrote about healthy fashion and was inspired to start my own business, a healthy fashion campaign.

Nature and the environment are big reasons why I started healthy fashion. By visiting natural sites and connecting with the earth and plants, I realized that fashion concepts related to nature, the spiritual planet, and the environment are extremely important.

I feel that a spiritual awakening is taking place and creating my business is to support this spiritual ascension here on Earth.

my mission

We believe healthy fashion campaigns can help people’s health and well-being. Our overall goal and mission is to make people feel and look better. I want to help people on their spiritual journey. My overall goal is to make fashion more enlightening and raise human awareness related to fashion.

Healthy fashion means taking care of yourself. When we help ourselves, we can help others. The late Master Healer Hannah Kruger said, “God helps those who help themselves.”

Healthy fashion for you + your wardrobe

for you + your fashion business


(You can also visit my “work with me” page)

I encourage you to use my services to support your personal wardrobe and fashion business!

fashion research

My job is about research. In my book healthy fashionand in me blog, there is a lot of research. I research information to inspire others and myself.

Research type

  • fashion concept

  • Fashion for health and wellness

  • Healing fashion

  • Fashion as Therapeutic

  • basics of fashion

  • innovative fashion

  • retail store

  • fashion market trends

  • fashion trends

  • + see more

public speaking

I have spoken publicly more than 65 times on podcasts, events and panels. If you would like to interview me or have me speak at your event, please email [email protected] or email me at my email address. Inquiry form.

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Books, Healthy Fashion: The Deeper Truth

This book is available at Physical When E-book format. If you want to learn a new way of fashion: fashion for health, this book is for you.

Blog/writing articles on my website

The blog is not only a fun and interesting blog, but it’s full of research-based and educational posts.

freelance articles

I write, edit and proofread all articles. I also write freelance articles for other businesses.

topics I’m writing about

  • Fashion for human health

  • Fashion as alternative medicine

  • Fashion for mind, body and spirit

  • fashion for the environment

  • Conscious fashion and fashion enlightenment

  • The future of the fashion industry

  • modern fashion concept

  • healthy and unhealthy fashion

social media platform

(I contribute a lot of content on social media platforms.)

follow me:


See mywork with me“page

Upcoming services:

Free consultation introduction meeting

To learn more about healthy fashion or need a consultation, email [email protected]. I am happy to send you my Calendly schedule calendar for 15-30 minute appointments. chat. I am not available for consultation at the moment, but will be available within 3-4 months. So I will schedule the meeting three months from now.


I manage and create seminars and webinars. I have created and presented fashion seminars in the past. I will create a seminar and give a talk at the next event. Sending and disseminating fashion information of mind, body and spirit. Also, I can’t hold a seminar until 3-4 months from now. But you can schedule it now.

Photo credit: John Dees

resource page

100% instant download

I have free resources available for you resource page.

4 Free PDFs and a Printable PDF:

  • mini fashion planner printable


  • fashion journal tracker printable


Related keywords for healthy fashion:

Use these hashtags and keywords in your content.

Post a free hashtag/keyword PDF. means page soon.

  1. #healthy fashion

  2. # Healthy fashion campaign

  3. #wellness trends

  4. #organic fashion

  5. #fashion for health

  6. #eco-beauty

  7. #green beauty

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  11. #Sustainable business model

  12. #Circular economy

  13. #adaptive fashion

  14. #botanical fabric

  15. #craft for well being

  16. #allsizesarebeautiful

  17. #Positive Ritual

  18. #forpeopleandplanet

  19. #earth positive

  20. #Responsible fashion

  21. #conscious fashion

  22. #naturebasedsolutions

  23. #eco conscious

  24. #fashion archetype

  25. # fashion soul

  26. #trend spotter

  27. #fashion psychology

  28. #fashion sociology

  29. #fashion interpretation

  30. #fashion communication

  31. #contemporary fashion

  32. #modern fashion

  33. #next level fashion

  34. #fashion wellness

  35. #fashion cleanse

  36. #fashion care

  37. #natural fashion

  38. #play fashion

  39. #fashion future

  40. #cosmic fashion

  41. #fashion ritual

  42. #holisticfashioncycles

  43. #slow fashion

  44. #spiritual fashion

  45. # fashion wisdom

  46. # Evolution of fashion

  47. #fashion enlightenment

  48. #Wise Wardrobe

  49. #wellness lifestyle

  50. #therapeutic fashion

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