Unique Wedding Guestbook Choices

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Unique Wedding Guestbook Choices

With the wedding just around the corner, there must be a lot of work to be done. From deciding on location, menu, decor and guest list. There are countless things to do.

Guests are an important part of every wedding. Everyone wants to have a special day and start new adventures with their loved ones. When planning your guest list, be sure to include dear cousins, close friends, and relatives among the invitees. However, just inviting them is not enough. They must have played a part in bonding you and your partner together, helped you through the tough times, and must have done so much more for you. Leaving without having a great time is not justified.

Your wedding day is full of beautiful moments, but they fly by in the blink of an eye. Wedding photos certainly help you look back on your beautiful day, but another factor you can incorporate into cherishing your wedding for years to come is having a guestbook. It serves as a memoir and a reminder of the people who stood by you when you took your wedding vows.

When it comes to guestbooks, there are many options available today. Below are seven unique guestbook ideas you can have at your wedding!

1]Pinata guestbook

Aren’t piñatas the most adorable thing that exists? Isn’t it amazing to have a piñata as your wedding guest book? Have your piñata designed and have your guests write notes on it increase. It serves as an aesthetic piece in your residence and serves as a reminder of a great day. Sometimes you can read your notes and rejoice.

2]Pick a phone guestbook

Why limit guests to signatures when you can get them to put their hearts into it? Every message is better with voice. Use a vintage phone that records voice messages and can be kept as a decorative item in your home. Have the guest record a message. This could be advice for the future, best wishes, memories of the past, or a combination of all of these. After the wedding, you can sit back and listen to them talk about their beautiful day.

3]Try a typewriter

A typewriter is the best vintage component that can be included in a wedding ceremony. Let your guests enjoy the past experience as they type messages to you on the typewriter.

4]Wedding Video Guestbook

Video guestbooks have become popular in recent years because they allow people to relive the moments of their wedding day. At first, creating a video was a daunting task, but with the availability of tools to simplify the process, wedding video guestbook is highly preferred. Just create a signboard with a QR code and install it at the wedding hall. Guests can scan her QR to take a picture of themselves upon entering. With automation; all these videos are in one place saving you time and effort. Then you can work on the final edits and add your favorite music. It’s also convenient for guests, as they don’t need to install an application or log in to shoot a video.

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Unique Wedding Guestbook Choices

5]Puzzle Guestbook

Your wedding will most likely have guests who do not know each other, and in order for them to truly enjoy the wedding, they must be able to make some kind of contact. That can serve as an icebreaker for conversation. Prepare a puzzle with portraits of you and your partner and have your guests put the pieces together! Later you can set up this puzzle as a frame or canvas in your home and read the message from time to time.

6]Polaroid pictures

Few people today are not good at taking pictures. Guests may find it difficult to sign the guestbook or write a message. This is when you can set up a photo booth or hang Polaroid cameras. You can edit the Polaroid to add a rope or frame that you can put in your house.

7]Sign the wooden log

The wooden log aesthetic has made it a popular choice for guestbooks. Prepare a neatly finished and painted log and ask your guests to sign or write a short message. Later you can use this as a coffee table. You can also hang it on the wall as a work of art.

When it comes to guestbooks, you have a few other options. You can also personalize your guestbook based on your and your partner’s hobbies and preferences. For example, if you’re a music lover, you can get a guest book for vintage vinyl his records her albums. This is something to look back on over the years, so let your thoughts run wild and choose the best guestbook that suits you.

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