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Truly Breaking All the Rules with Melodie Reynolds, CEO/Founder of Elate Cosmetics – FashionTalks

Melody Reynolds created with a vision of a world without single-use packaging. elate cosmetics With a simple message: Our daily choices create global impact and choosing ethical products means better results. , has created innovative beauty products that enable everyone to make sustainable choices in their daily rituals. Ultimately, she believes the company’s ethics and purpose all boil down to her one thing. Her personal mission is to change the world one product at a time.

Eluma Beauty Inc is an ethical beauty brand with a vision of a world without single-use cosmetic packaging. We manufacture refillable, high-performance, vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics and skincare using ethical supply chains, responsible marketing, and sustainable and reusable packaging.B- As a Corp certified company, we put people and the planet first. with our two brands elate cosmetics And at Foster Skincare, we educate, empower, and inspire everyone to simplify their beauty rituals and reduce waste.

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