Transitional Season: Wardrobe Essentials – Where Did You Get Them?

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cropped coordination

Cropped outfits are a personal favorite of the transition season. You may have seen me wearing this amazing piece during New York Fashion Week for the Lapointe SS23 show. The cropped top half is perfect for keeping you cool when the sun comes out. The best part: It’s very stylish. For coordination, add a casual sense of fun to a chic look like a suit. I have put some great ones below for you to try!

chunky jacket


Oversized jackets are a key item for styling that is often seen these days. Shop3ny Worn at Cynthia Rowley’s runway show. However, in addition to the usual oversized blazers and bomber jackets, motorcycle jacket! Styling a chunky jacket unlocks another level of serious ‘coolness’ that is different from your usual lightweight trench coat or denim outerwear. Team it with a chunky jacket and combat boots for a ‘tough’ look. Also, as a tip, make sure what you’re wearing underneath is lightweight (such as a crop top). Don’t let it get too hot.

oversized shirt

If you don’t already have an oversized shirt in your wardrobe, you’re really missing out. They’re a big staple for many of my outfits, especially for the changing seasons weather. Wear it as a dress or layer it over knitwear.The possibilities are endless! Some of the best oversized shirts can be found in the men’s section of thrift stores. Etsy also has a large selectionAlternatively, below we’ve listed some branded shirts with the distinctive look you’re after. Oversized shirts are one of the most forgiving styles. hot pink number?

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