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Tory Burch’s New Spring/Summer 2023 Collection: Clean Lines and Sleek Color Palettes |

new york fashion week has been underway for a few days now, with many designers taking part in fashion shows on the New York scene.Among them Tory Burchthe internationally renowned designer, what is the story behind her image for the Spring/Summer 2023 collection?

Torrey was born in Pennsylvania but soon moved to New York to pursue a career and soon began working as a designer for Ralph Lauren, Narciso Rodriguez and Vera Wang. Soon after, in 1997 she created her own world, her own fashion her house.

the inspiration of Spring/Summer 2023 Derived from an almost ethereal minimalism, clean lines and a sober color palette, the same special attention is paid to the materials used. This ready-to-wear her collection by Tory Burch identifies new plush fabrics designed to make our bodies move more fluidly while maintaining a certain classy allure.

Designers seem to aim to innovate in a minimalistic key while experimenting with accessories in bolder colors and shapes. It looks like it will.

There is a basic reference to Claire McCardell to the simple ideals of designers who opposed obnoxious high fashion in the mid-1900s. The two seem to have a lot in common. Tory Burch In fact, we’ve talked about this a lot over the years. Claire McCardell described her particular vision for everyday, easy-to-wear fashion as a way to “liberate” women.

very popular in this Spring/Summer 2023 The collection is voluminous, a layer of certain interesting garments that are not always of the same texture. It is decorated with

Tory Burch Spring/Summer 2023 collection looks and details

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