Top 21 books, shows and podcasts for 2021

Every week in 2021, we’ve shared our recommendations for books, shows, and podcasts. Styling You The Label Blog (Yes! It’s written there too!). We’ve narrowed each of these lists down to our top 21 favorites in each category. Disclaimer: These are highly subjective lists, but you may find a distraction or two. Click the link below to save if you have space in the coming weeks.

21 Favorite Books of 2021 \ Top Books Show Podcasts of 2021

My reading and audiobook habits are very strong this year. With so many great releases, narrowing my recommendations down to 21 was no easy task. I’m mostly a fictional girl, but this year I was blown away by the non-fiction releases.My tip on non-fiction books: Audio If her version is narrated by the author, listen to it that way. please.

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21 Favorite Shows / Top Book Shows Podcasts of 2021 2021

Again, 2021 provided (too much?) plenty of good binge-eating opportunities.

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My Favorite Podcasts of 2021 21 / Top Books Shows Podcasts of 2021

Podcasts are almost always on my ears when I’m doing mundane things or just going for a walk. My list is an eclectic mix of mostly female-driven stories, self-awareness, and business advice. Where noted, this is for specific platforms only. I’ve also included links to the episodes I was interviewed for this year.

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As always, I’d love to hear your recommendations. Share them in the comments below so we can all add them to our watch, listening, and reading lists.