Tips for fighting Bacne

Backne tips by StyleSprinter
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Acne can be a nightmare in and of itself. But when pimples are on your shoulders and back (back) and it boils outside, it can be incredibly inconvenient. If you suffer from back acne, use these tips and product recommendations to remove pimples quickly.

stop using loofah

The loofah accumulates bacteria, and when the bakune is open, it spreads throughout the body. Not only is it terrible, it’s also not beneficial when fighting Bakune. Japanese towel Wash regularly with detergent.

throw away shower gel

Many common shower gels contain pungent scents that cause acne. Shea Moisture African Black SoapIt contains shea butter to keep skin hydrated, aloe vera and oat kennel to calm skin, and tea tree oil to help with antiseptic properties and fight acne. again, body wash option If you prefer the consistency of shower gel.

Contains salicylic acid

This beta hydroxy acid (BHA) is known to reduce acne by exfoliating the skin and keeping pores clear. Many brands also offer salicylic acid products designed specifically for Bakune.

Best Bacne Products and Treatments
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re-evaluate body cream

If you suffer from acne, avoid oils in your body care routine and stick to gel moisturizers. Note that if you are using beta hydroxy acids as an in-shower treatment, it is better to avoid body creams containing BHA to eliminate the risk of excessive exfoliation.

stop using hair conditioner

A final tip is my personal observation. I’ve noticed that my back gets the worst when using hair conditioner. One option is the Seen Skin and Hair Conditioner, designed specifically for people with acne.

Consider spot treatment

Especially if you’re battling painful acne, consider a spot treatment to help dry out pimples overnight. These are proven pimple spot remedies that work for your acne too.