This is the best easy casual outfit for men

I saw this tweet from a friend Yes, we had to agree that this combination would be the best outfit for a man.

And while many of us are still working from home, there’s never been a better time to keep the party bottomed out in shorts.

Ingredients for the perfect easy casual outfit for a man

  1. long sleeve shirt
  2. shorts
  3. Literally whatever you want, you’re already killing it.

Any long-sleeve top will do, so get creative! Add a long-sleeved pocket t-shirt for a laid-back look. Or, dress things up with a button down for a little extra bundled look and feel.

From there? The sky is the limit.

Even if you wear a sweater or debonair turtleneck, you can still feel comfortable, cozy and cool.

If the weather is particularly warm, change into a knitted polo shirt and soak up your vitamin D outside whenever possible.

Check out the six ways to wear the best easy casual outfits for men.

Outfit #1

sweater and slippers

Roll neck sweater: J.Crew | | Shorts: truck smith | | Clogs: birkenstock

SG says: Don’t be afraid to bring out the turtleneck with shorts this fall!

It’s the perfect combination to dress up on top and yaya on the bottom.

With luxurious leather slip-ons, this mix of highs and lows works well.

Outfit #2

athleisure and suede

shirt: J.Crew | | Shorts: olivers apparel | | Shoes: GH-based

SG says: I like the monochrome look here at SG HQ. This outfit employs yellow and orange tones to give it a fall feel with the capital ‘F’.

When it’s chilly, throw a trucker jacket over a long-sleeved shirt.

Outfit #3

hiking core

shorts: bank journal | | Jacket: Howler Brothers | | Trail sneakers: allbirds

SG says: Our team is obsessed with this rich marigold colored fleece from Howler Brothers. It’s reasonably priced (only $125!) and works well as a standalone layer or under a thick coat when the temperatures really drop.

With fun printed shorts and wool runners, you can spend the day knowing you’ll look fashionable and classy on Zoom. When in real life.

Shorts are my favorite Banks Journal Chris Pineand here at SG HQ, a Chris Pine-style fan account.

Outfit #4

city ​​slicker

shorts: Madewell | | Shirts: flint and tinder | | Slip-on loafers: Astor Flex

SG says: Not to mention the compatibility with the denim shirt all of these costumes.

Pair with crisp drawstring shorts and leather loafers with crepe rubber soles for the quintessentially cool casual look of fall.

Outfit #5

dressy casual

shoes: cole haan | | Linen shirt: Alex Crane | | Shorts: Bonobo

SG says: Easy. breeze. end.

Sneakers are fine, but pairing them with loafers will give you an even more trendy look.

Outfit #6

hoodie and shorts outfit

men in hoodie and shorts outfit

shorts: Patagonia | | Hoodie Sweatshirt: flint and tinder | | Sneakers: Oliver Cavell

SG says: Swim trunks, you might ask when the leaves are falling from the trees? Yes!

These are Patagonia Baggies. A truly iconic pair of shorts that you can wear casually…almost all year round.

A structured hoodie sweatshirt and sneakers are an easy way to complete this outfit, but you can also pair a lightweight button-up shirt with socks and sandals for your shoes.

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