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This is the best cheap date idea ever

I promised to provide cheap date ideas for those of you looking for love on a budget, and I am a woman of my word.

But instead of giving half-baked listicles, (who For real Need 643 date ideas?!)I am offering you the best and affordable dating ideas ever.

In Our Guide To Impressing Women On Dating I Said Thoughtful planning is one of the biggest green flags you can show a woman..

Well, good news. This date idea shows how thoughtful and fun can be while staying on budget. Not only is it an affordable date option, it’s also interactive! It also allows you to spend time outdoors. This is great for both era dating reasons.

Let me introduce you: grocery store dates.

The first time I went on a grocery store date was when I was in college. College is good for low-cost dating, but I’m a fan of the day.

It was a sweltering summer day and I was hungry, so I decided to stop by the local grocery store and purchase each item for others to try.

I went for my all-time favorite salty snack, fluff and pretzels. If I remember correctly he picked up some kind of vegetable chips.

We took them outside to a small picnic table for snacks and chats. It remains a really fond and romantic memory, even though I looked back at the whole situation and realized that I deserved the guy who actually thought the fluff and pretzels I said were worth paying for.

And you don’t have to take it from me – a recent styling client went on a second date to a Korean grocery store, then went to the park to eat Pocky and play badminton (he set , brought the pro move!) And needless to say, such success will continue.

He told stylists that perusing the market and talking about what to buy provides the perfect opportunity for conversation.

It’s been almost a decade since my first grocery store date and I’ve focused on a few key factors to get it right.

There are also variables to consider, such as who you’re dating, where you live, and the weather.

So let’s break down the perfect inexpensive date idea: a grocery store date.

Avoid big chain grocery stores.


This is important.

You’re not aiming for Walmart, but a hole in the artisan cheese shop in the store-in-the-wall atmosphere.

One of the best parts of the day was A real trip to the grocery storeThere’s something about mimicking the home bliss of food shopping together while you’re still in the dating phase of an erotic and tender relationship.

After all, buying food together is something you will hopefully do together as a couple someday.

Translating that intimacy into the context of dating is romantic, whimsical, and also very practical.

However, picking the wrong spot can easily cause it to move sideways.

So choose a small, local market that has some characteristics and supports small business launches.

Of course, local farmers markets are great, but they can be too obvious and a little corny.

If you live in a city with Chinatown, Little Italy, or other dense communities that maintain their cultural roots, is there a grocery store where you can try new foods together? Please confirm.

Sure, these markets may be a little more expensive than your average retailer, but they’ll still be a more budget-friendly date idea than going out to a restaurant.

And this goes without saying, when you get to the cash register? Pay both bills!

plan where to go next


Once you’ve worked up an exotic appetite, you’ll want to sit down to eat and chat.

There are some important things to consider when choosing a place to settle down. It’s close to grocery stores, it’s well equipped, and it’s safe.

It must be within walking distance, a quick Uber ride, or a quick car ride.

Choose a spot with tables and seats already available, or think ahead and pack a picnic blanket in your car or bag.

Choose a location that is easy to use. What it means: Don’t choose a state park where you have to hike a mile (1 mile) to flat areas. Don’t pick a beach where you have to drive through dunes full of ticks to get to a clearing.

She’s likely wearing what she feels best, and unless you agree to make this a date that requires physical exertion, she’s blistered just arriving at her picnic destination. You don’t want to.

Also, you don’t want to pick a location that is too far away. This gives you a serial killer vibe in the best possible way.

Choose a beach or park in a populated area with other people around. This also makes for another important aspect of this date (and all dates): good people-watching.

Finally, think about amenities. Parks and beaches with public restrooms are great places for this kind of date. Or something close enough to retail stores and restaurants that you can stop by somewhere when you have to pee out of necessity.

This will require some reconnaissance work on your part. It’s not the first time I’ve taken her to this park or beach in any way.

Study the scene beforehand to know everything from parking lots to area layouts.

I definitely need a place to sit.


Are there picnic tables in the park? bring a chair or at least blanket. If you’re trying to get a woman to like you, you don’t want her to feel like she has ants crawling on her sundress all day.

You can pack your badminton set, croquet, frisbee and other active stuff. Something you can play together with minimal or no setup required.

If she’s the type of lounging gal (hi, that’s me!), have low-key activities to keep the two of you engaged while you’re relaxing, like a deck of cards.

You may not use it, but what if the conversation breaks off? Boom, problem solved.

what to wear for a budget friendly date

This is definitely a more casual date. No suits and ties for running the grocery store and picnicking.

Still you want to do your best When suitable for the occasion.

cheap date ideas outfits

Buy Outfit:

I love knit polo. Think of it like the cool brother of the golf shirt.this 1 from Abercrombie is affordable and super stylish.

Nice linen collarless shirt, this A Charles Tyrwhitt one is also great if you prefer something a little more tailored.

cheap date ideas outfits

Buy Outfit:

If there’s a date that shows off your best shorts, it’s a grocery store-thrash-picnic date.

Look no further This drawstring pair From Marine Layer, Wax London Plaid Long Sleeve above.

Of course, if it’s getting cold where you live, that shirt will look just as stylish as your pants—just swap out your slip-on sneakers for boots.our team is wallaby boots just now.


Looking for date outfit ideas personalized to you?

Sign up for a wardrobe refresh with your stylist. Put together the perfect outfit for a date!

Whether or not to use PDA in public?


While this is obviously a general consideration, dates like picnics in particular block very specific opportunities for PDA.

as someone who is not Amazing I would be stunned if a date walked in to do my makeup with me while totally seeing so many people in it for a midday jog.

Thankfully, there are sexy ways to turn the heat up on your picnic date and not get arrested for public indecency.

Try leaning in mid-conversation and asking your date to kiss you. It’s straight out of a romance novel, and I absolutely support this move if it feels right.

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