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These were the 25 most popular fashion items last month

If you’re reading this, you know how much the Who What Wear fashion editors love to shop. And they’re really, really good at it. Between trend predictions and test drives, we’ve probably written about it if it’s worth adding to your wardrobe. Or not, Who What Wear has you covered.

Well, a new month means it’s time to put our favorite shopper in the spotlight again! Below, Who What Wear readers (and, let’s be honest, staff) Here are the most popular fashion pieces under $300 that have actually purchased in the past month, along with some notes on why they love each item. Think of it as a Who What Wear nomination, endorsed by our readers. It’s updated monthly to reflect the best purchases we’ve made and what’s still available and worth adding to your shopping cart.

Intrigued? we hope so. Keep scrolling to see the 25 most popular fashion items our readers bought last month.

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