These Affordable Dorsey Tennis Necklaces Are Finally Back In Stock

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Like everyone else, I’m totally obsessed with tennis necklaces (and bracelets). I’ve looked at my fair share of them online and never click the add to cart button because I can’t find many for under $4,000. , as far as jewelry goes, it’s a good investment.

With all this in mind, imagine my joy when I discovered Dorsey, a consumer jewelery brand that has made tennis jewelery much more accessible. We use high quality metals such as coated brass. In fact, even up close, the piece looks like his genuine diamond tennis jewelry encased in pure 18K gold. Riviere’s (the name given to the classic tennis piece) averages around $500, depending on the size and metal used, and most tennis players have to hand over thousands of dollars for his jewelry. far from it. Dorsey’s pieces are so good that they’ve been worn by celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Taylor Swift, and he can clearly afford a lot of diamonds.

My point in all this being that Dorsey has restocked a ton of sold out pieces, but the problem is they always sell out quickly. To wait months for another. So before you miss out, check out what’s been restocked and buy it before it’s gone (at least for now).

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