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Happy new year.

It’s time to refresh your wardrobe. But more than ever, I think it’s important to look at it as a way to build your existing capsule wardrobe rather than throwing out the old and embracing the new. Like many of us!) I think 2020 has changed me in some ways. When it comes to fashion, it made me realize how much I value wardrobe staples that I can come back to over and over again.A great pair of jeans or leggings. beautiful blazer. A timeless coat that will last for years. These pieces can be put together in so many pairs that they actually make getting dressed a lot easier. Of course, I still love to wear flashy dresses (I have a lot of dresses coming up for my trip to the Maldives in February!).

net a porter It’s my go-to for most of my clothes shopping, especially basic shopping. command leggingsor Spanx Look at me now leggings – They replenish them regularly and bring the same style in different color ways and fabrics (I just ordered Velvet Commando!)

I am wearing my favorite pieces in these photos. net a porter: Lulu Studio coat, Lulu Studio oversized blazer and totem leggings.

There are certain brands that I rely on a lot. totem, The Row, command, Lulu Studio, Lisa Yang When Kaite To name a few, I always add things I like to my wishlist and then narrow it down to what I really want and like. made available for purchase.

Also just wanted to mention that net a porter We recently launched a very exciting new initiative called fight back This allows customers to resell and receive their favorite luxury items. Receive payment/store credit instead. This is another great way to shop more sustainably. It’s kind of a one-in/one-out rule. Definitely worth checking out.

May 2022 be a wonderful year.


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