The Most Popular Korean Handbag Brands You Must Check Out Right Now

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The Most Popular Korean Handbag Brands You Must Check Out Right Now

South Korea has become the center of fashion trends in recent years. Handbags are a key part of completing an entire outfit, so we’ve rounded up some of the most popular Korean handbag brands you should check out right now.

We have trendy bags from the hottest brands in Korea right now. From casual to sporty, there is no doubt that you will get lost in choosing from a wide variety of designs. Generally affordable and well-loved, this brand is perfect for those looking for something beyond what they typically see in their social media feeds.

To give you a flash highlight, we’ve put together a list of popular Korean bag brands that are loved in and out of Korea.Whether your style is casual, elegant or androgynous, we’ve got you covered with this season’s trendiest designs. increase.


If you’ve been following the latest Korean fashion trends, you’ve heard the name MARHEN.J. This brand specializes in creating designer bags that are not only extremely beautiful but also functional.

2. Complications

If you love experimenting with fun and quirky designs, KOIMOOI is one of the best Korean bag brands. “KOI” is a goldfish that grows big in a wide sea area.

3. Find Kapoor

Besides the eye-catching color, the advantage of this stylish bag is the strap. Choose from a snakeskin sling or a studded bracelet strap to change up the look of your bag.

4. Alice Martha

Maybe it’s time to change things up by picking up an Alice Martha bag. As seen in her K-pop idols such as Bora Her Sista, Alice Her Martha is a famous Korean women’s bag her brand.

5. Cheesecake

OSTKAKA is a South Korean bag brand that takes bucket bags to the next level with creative Swedish-inspired designs.

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6. Pleated Mama

Pleats Mom believes in sustainable fashion. We demonstrate this by using recycled materials in all our products.

7. Demaker

The brand offers affordable and modern handbag models. Based on the experience of two veterans in the fashion industry, the brand offers leather goods that transcend the boundaries of design.

8. Kitchen Studio

What makes their bags special are the functional pockets that help keep all your daily essentials neatly organized. No more digging endlessly for your house keys.

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