The Handmaid’s Tale Season 5 Costume Designer

“The Handmaid’s Tale” is back for Season 5. There are evolving plot lines that match the fresh approach to costume design. Since her debut in 2017, the Hulu drama series has her three leads her costume designer. Anne Crabtreecreated the original Gilead look with a red cloaked dress and white bonnet hat. Natalie Bronfman, took the reins from Season 3. and more recently, Leslie Cabanajoined in Season 5.

“I have made a conscious decision that June will never wear red again. This is a design choice adopted by Elisabeth Moss.”

Although Kavanagh has never worked with Crabtree, he told POPSUGAR that he will take inspiration from his predecessor’s vision and develop it further as the season progresses. In keeping with her June (played by Elisabeth Moss) embracing “freedom” in Canada, she’s adding to her Crabtree tailoring legacy by expanding the range of textures, patterns and colors. is one of “In Season 5, we continued to expand on Gilead’s aesthetic while developing distinct visual contrasts for the Toronto cast and characters,” Kavanagh explains to POPSUGAR.

One of the standout moments was the funeral scene in Episode 2, with over 500 background actors dressed up. Kavanagh was tasked with coming up with a look for her Serena that would highlight her pregnancy and tell the story of her personality change, and her team created a custom her wardrobe to make it happen.

Ahead, both Bronfman and Kavanagh break down the most memorable costume adaptations up to Season 5.

Additional reporting by Kara Kia

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