The Great Closet Edit ft. The Container Store

Over four years spent hopping from coast to coast and seesawing between New York and Los Angeles were some of the most fun, growing and truly exhausting years of my life. Some were very challenging. I don’t want to sound ungrateful here, but I’m very honored to have had the opportunity to live in my hometown and New York at the same time, but the experience almost broke me in ways I still can’t fully handle. If I’m having trouble finding rest or peace in either place, or if I’m missing something/spent in the wrong place at the wrong time/my friends are hurt by my physical absence. I was constantly feeling insecure and lost sight of my abilities. I spent a lot of energy maintaining reciprocity to grow my business, so self-care is a priority. I have more to say, but I won’t go into depth yet. This post is actually about my closet.

I know – it probably seems like a sharp left turn, but listen: I completely lost track of some of the going back and forth as well thingaccumulating too much (some call it “retail therapy,” but my therapist pointedly pointed out that it was a form of mood stabilization for me. after the reform Mindless shopping habits were literally used to stimulate my serotonin).i needed more than just The life-changing magic of tidying upin the months since I returned to New York full-time, I have taken my life seriously. whole life.

back to new york
My New York apartment is Big in New York City, but true to New York real estate, it also has pretty limited closet space. I lived in an apartment in New York City for ten years, but never had the time or energy to invest in actually building a closet to maximize the storage space I had. Sometimes I needed a closet that was more efficient than the standard single rail and single shelf we had here. eternally This move container storeI prioritized my bedroom closet first and adopted the standard eleven Because it worked best with the proportions in my closet (I also a lot number of customization options, and if you eventually move, you can easily transfer your designs to your new space). I worked with one of their organizational specialists to audit what I had to make sure I was maximizing the space: folded clothing, jeans, both short and long hangs. storage, shelving (something my existing closet lacked) and made the most of it – vertical height for storage.Got special pieces like my designer keepsake shoes drop-front linen storage boxhandbags were stored upright in these, chic linen organizerIn addition to linen drop front organizers, I also use these flexible basket Fits perfectly on a shelf to organize clothing such as denim and activewear.

Container Store also provides a great many tools to learn how get organized and get inspired about what best suits your personal needs. But most importantly… they also Elfa sale in progress — both in parts and installation.30% off everything in sale eleven What are parts and installation gigantic chunks of savings. I finished my bedroom closet in December, and as soon as the sale started, I set about doing the same for my entryway closet. eleven System upgrade. Going through the process of creating and installing a custom closet helped me understand what in my life is taking up space and what I need to keep (and donate). ) was provided with a much-needed opportunity to actually audit and take inventory. assess a relationship with thing So that we can better see, appreciate, and use what we already have.
TBH, I finally took the plunge and invested, so I don’t know what took me so long to do this. This has been one of the best upgrades I’ve made to my home, in its own way and also positively impacting my mental health (everything has its own space and is well organized It’s easy to find and clears the confusion in my head).

decide what to keep and what to keep
My first major “editing” was done while I was still in Los Angeles before moving the rest back to New York. Clothing is really sentimental to me and, like many plus-size fashionistas, Not enough Having clothes that make me feel stylized and empowered for most of my life has led to a slightly lacking approach to my wardrobe. was evaluated. Current size, and decided to either donate or commission most of my wardrobe.When I get back to NY, I will divide my wardrobe by season and put spring and summer clothes in it. depository In the cold season, the coat is changed seasonally). I still need to “cleanse” it a bit more (that’s the sentimentality I’m talking about), but overall I feel like my relationship with material things is healthier and I’m shopping . way Few.

Decide which Elfa system is right for you
I have a reach-in closet and was constrained by the existing wall and closet layout, so I knew the space itself would dictate a little bit what I was doing: getting in. Perfect In the world, there are spaces and walk-in closets absolutely splurge elfa decoration Birch system with luxurious drawers, cabinets and accessory organization add-ons. For me, it’s going to be a definite long-term wish list item. Elfa system with ventilation shelf It’s been perfect for me. Best of all, the vented shelves can be adjusted to accommodate different heights as your storage needs change over time. I decided to choose the fixtures of white fascia (smooth faceplate over ventilated wires) to improve appearance.If you are near a container store, ask one of her professional organizers to come to you for a home consultation or visit their digital design center Create your dream storage space and closet. It’s a very seamless process and a great opportunity to save while the sale is on! Or choose to have it installed at home by a professional installer. The installers are incredibly efficient and friendly, and depending on the size of the job, can be completed within hours. You can even handle all of that!

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