The Gardener Overalls – Classy Girls Wear Pearls

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Overalls: like james patrick // shirt: like james patrick // sneakers: Keds // hat: 3 buoys (old)

So happy to be spending early summer mornings in the garden with my little golden helper. I’m really looking forward to sharing all the vegetables and flowers we’re growing as the season progresses. , I harvested the adzuki beans that I planted in March. Harry had a great time digging them up. He used some of them in a little neck and chorizo ​​dish he really enjoyed a few nights ago.Domestic potatoes are the best!

In this post I am wearing our new like james patrick Gardener overalls designed with my favorite hobby. Machine washable. It’s okay to get a little dirty, but it’s also perfect for a trip to the Farmer’s Market.

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