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Welcome home! Together he’s been on Thefashionguitar for a long time, but we’re so excited to share the first ‘Home His Story’ created in partnership with us. Maisonette.

After moving into a new apartment in UES’ favorite neighborhood last October, my first task was to prepare both my children’s rooms. moved in, but has always insisted on finishing the kids’ room first, no matter what the rest of the apartment looks like.! It was my first time, and I had shared a room with him until I entered this apartment.

Up until this apartment, James and Stella shared a bedroom and loved it. we loved it too. Because I believed companionship would actually help me feel comfortable and safe at bedtime. They rarely woke up in the middle of the night or had trouble falling asleep. I don’t think this is necessarily due to the magic of sleep training. always.

Then there’s also the age factor that played into the decision to keep them together rather than separate. It just had more pros than cons, and it worked in the end…but this doesn’t mean it’s a formula for guaranteed success. Anyway, where I’d like to go with this is James and Stella being safe and comfortable together and what I’ve said before about the age factor is that when we’re younger they have stronger emotions. What we feel we have is that we need to “support” each other. Now, James, who’s about to turn 10, and Stella, who’s turning 8 in a few weeks, have realized that they have different emotional needs at bedtime and at night. James needs his own space, his pre-bedtime self moments, and dare I say it, he needs some kind of privacy. Or call it personal space. Stella emotionally yet she’s not 100%. She frequently asks if she can sleep with James or if it’s okay for her to sleep with him, but sadly for Stella, James refuses more often than saying yes. , I think Stella asked us if the new baby arriving at the end of October if all went well could stay in her room. He explained that he would be in our room first until we fell asleep. we all agreed. And then we went back to implementing a solid bedtime routine for both of us in separate rooms–God, after their summer vacation, this is a challenge! It’s been a week since then and we feel we’re getting there.

But sorry, you didn’t come here for parenting advice and don’t want this platform to be that focus.

In both rooms, one thing is clear from the start. I wanted a design with a modern feel. Primary colors were also essential. Kelly Green in bed Maisonette – It ended up in James’ room.Stella is always bunk bedand her room was more rectangular in shape than the square room James was supposed to sleep in, so it felt like a perfect fit. , both had space for guests. egg is a favorite furniture brand in our homes, egg desk Moving from my old apartment to this one was an easy choice. bunk bed from this brand.

We kept the accessories around the bed simple, but in line with the room’s color palette and the vibe we were trying to achieve. means the atmosphere of darker wood shadesboldly mix red and pink tones to make beautiful Stella bright and happy. work+sea wallpaper.

Desk pace is more important than ever! Before the pandemic, kids did most of their schoolwork at the dining table, but homeschooling has brought the importance of having their own “work space” for Zoom classes and virtual playdates at will. rice field. It is also a place to relax. rocking chair If you ask Stella – it’s become an important part of their room. No more sitting, working, or reading to each other all the time. The pandemic has made it very clear that we all need “our own space” at some point during the day. In a bedroom that offers a little bit of everything, we served our children as best we could.

thank you very much Maisonette To make our children’s bedroom dreams a reality. Stay tuned for this old and new for the amazing team that came out to take pictures and film!

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