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Reebok Club C-85 Vintage Sneakers

Ever since I can remember, wearing sneakers with a dress is my favorite thing in the world. As I write this article, I’m sitting behind my laptop outside the pool, wearing my new Reebok Club C-85 vintage sneakers and floral long linen his dress. weather! actual, Reebok Club C-85 Vintage Sneakers A favorite in our household. Thomas and James were the first to own a pair and finally have their own pair! Not to mention Stella wants a pair now too…

Reebok Club C-85 Vintage Sneakers

Well, for as long as you remember me, I’m sure you know me as the girl in a gown and sneakers during Haute Couture Week in Paris. …In my ideal world, this would be my go-to look. Reebok Club C-85 Vintage SneakersStill, I have a lot of dreams of working hard, so for now I’ll remove “couture” from the equation and opt for gorgeous dresses that allow me to run from uptown to downtown.

And the “running” part is definitely part of the equation. Because we don’t have enough time in the day. I’m always in a hurry and literally end up with feed blisters from shoes other than my favorite shoes. ReebokWhat I love so much about this pair is that they literally look like they’ve stepped back from the past. but he was like “These have been preserved from the 80’s and are for sale now!” Reebok’s The use of materials has advanced over time, but the design is very good. So a tribute to the incredible ‘new’ vintage look they have. Not to mention the color combinations that are easy to match with anything. I paired it with a green dress that is close to the green of the sneakers. Just by chance!

I hear you think, ‘If I’m not one to wear sneakers with my dress, how am I going to wear this vintage?’ Reebok Club C-85 Vintage Kick? ”. Well this is pretty simple. You can basically wear it with anything, but otherwise tuck in cropped jeans and a simple slightly oversized t-shirt of his, or denim shorts and a men’s shirt. Havana Straw He can also add a hat and black or white sunglasses. They get ready for life in the city, running from meeting to meeting, or picking up the kids.everything perfect retro style!

Reebok Club C-85 Vintage Sneakers

Reebok Club C-85 Vintage Sneakers

thanks for the great sneakers ReebokI loved working with them and can’t wait to wear them this Fashion Month!

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