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Posted on: August 31, 2019

KHAITE Charlotte Grenefeld Thefashionguitar

when Kaite Released in 2016, straight away It has grown and become one of my favorite brands. With their dreamy dresses and tulle tops, it just matched my eternal obsession with the “runaway bride” look. cute dress and sneakersBut with a reimagining of American sportswear at its core, it was no surprise that their denim and cashmere sweater was a dream. kite jeans The ultimate effortless piece for everyday wear. I mean, I’ve mentioned it many times before. I’d love to pick my kids up in little couture gowns and sneakers, but really, that won’t happen for very long. That’s right, good jeans are a must in my daily outfit, and KHAITE now serves my denim needs in the best possible way.

today i am wearing Kyle Jean of Tucsona style that looks and feels like it’s borrowed from a boy – something I love anyway – pairs perfectly with feminine tops and shoes. black leather ankle bootsand their lucy tops black.

Wear it completely with a white shirt tucked in, paired with one of the nude tulle tops, or a light cashmere knit when fall arrives and the nights are a little brighter. No, it’s very easy and comfortable.

I rarely wear this minimalist outfit. Not to mention showing it to you. Really looks so effortless and chic in this minimalist. But I think I have now converted to the KHAITE church.But don’t worry, I’m never gonna let go my tulle obsessionand will not any sneaker Everything leaves my closet. But like I said, KHAITE all have girls.

This post is sponsored by Kaite When shop style.

KHAITE Charlotte Grenefeld Thefashionguitar
KHAITE Charlotte Grenefeld Thefashionguitar
KHAITE Charlotte Grenefeld Thefashionguitar

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