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Fashion guitars from the Hilfiger collection

Tommy And I go back a long time. Back to my earliest fashion memories.I remember getting Tommy’s pieces when I was pregnant. james Seven years ago, I thought it was one of the first designer pieces he owned!

Considering how brands are woven into our lives, it’s something very special. For me, it means quality, something I value as much as good design.

For these reasons, Tommy Hilfiger is your go-to. You know what you get when you buy a Tommy coat or trousers. You can get a product that will last longer than mine, especially if you take good care of it.

I buy timeless classic pieces from this brand.but i was introduced to them hilfiger collection Through this partnership, I have to admit they put me in a completely different perspective. The look I’m wearing in this post is the absolute everyday sophistication look that I and you need in our wardrobe. Needless to say, the colors are beyond. For me, nothing is more chic than the camel and cream colors of the Fall/Winter season.

i loved it oversized knitI decided to go up a size but if you prefer chunkier you can go for your regular size. Trousers are long for me but what are the tailors these days? do not have!

Proving to be the perfect fall/winter look, we encourage you to take a peek at their new collection. You won’t be disappointed!

Fashion guitars from the Tommy Hilfiger collection
tommy hilfiger fashion guitar
Fashion guitars from the Hilfiger collection
Fashion guitars from Nordstrom's Hilfiger collection
Nordstrom Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Guitar
Fashion guitars from the Hilfiger collection

I am wearing: hilfiger collection Knit / hilfiger collection Pants (get the short version here) / KHAITE bag / Celine sunglasses / Bottega Veneta sneakers.

This post is sponsored by Nordstrom & Rewardstyle,Photographer Kim Young Jung