The Best Looks from Paris Fashion Week + Other Stunning Looks


Very often, the opportunity arises to challenge yourself to break away from your usual fashion take and try out a not-so-ordinary style. provided. Kira Enough, we received a good amount of Pizzaz for the occasion. Aside from Paris Fashion Week, the Clooney Foundation Alby Awards and Nigeria’s Independence Day have come and gone with style slaughter enough to flood his board.


Marjorie Harvey He has landed in the City of Light and is about to dye the entire street pink. Mrs. Harvey was in full swing in her pink Fuschia at the Valentino SS23 ready-to-wear show in Paris. Maison Valentino Coat with feather detail. The statement piece was paired with fuschia pink tights, matching pumps and matching mini Hermès Kelly, and oh and we can’t forget her embellished cat’s eye sunglasses. bad girl don’t care atmosphere. Lady Marjorie sure is a badass!

There’s no denying Harvey’s has its nose in the fashion world. last week, Lori Harvey I attended the inaugural CFJ Alby Awards shimmering and shining in a white Burberry two-piece accented with silver. Ellie Caramohgave a subtle nod to Ricardo Tisci when he leaves his home in London. The loose-fitting combo features a sporty dress embellished with the crystal Burberry icon and a long jacket with crystal-encrusted collars and top half. White bow earrings were used to achieve this, and the ensemble was nicely completed with white pumps.

Meanwhile, in Nigeria, the stars turned out to be at their best to celebrate the nation’s 62nd ‘birthday’. according to her reputation Tokemakikinwa Wearing a green traditional Igbo costume featuring floral appliqués, beadwork, and crystal tassels, she threw a fashion ball out of the water. There are two words, Majesty and Glory.

Check out the best looks from last week’s Paris Fashion Week and other major events…


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Majorie Harvey

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Lori Harvey

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Jodie Turner-Smith

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