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“a yellow T-shirt? ” I remember my gasps of amazement when a colleague asked me what I bought at the charity shop.He was used to seeing me dressed in navy blue, black and gray, and he had never seen me in it. yellowTo be fair, neither did I. Not for about 30 years, anyway.

That seemingly random purchase on a dull afternoon in Shepherd’s Bush nearing my 50th birthday heralded a new relationship with color. I still wear yellow T-shirts, but over the years I’ve worn brighter clothes. Capsule collection in marshmallow pink riding coat, pillar box red trousers, fuchsia pink shirt and peppermint green.

I used to only allow myself to glamorize myself with multi-colored scarves here, some ‘accent’ gloves there, etc., but I’m increasingly drawn to the lighter end of the spectrum. The utilitarian neutrals remain dominant (I’ve been accumulating them over the decades), but the color component gets bigger. But why should being old be bolder?

Emmanuel Morgan designer

Time to play…again

There are some theories that as we age, we enter a second childhood. I’m not talking about dribbling or drooling bits, I’m talking about the playful, free-spirited element that allows you to explore life in a free-wheeling way. middle use It has become a more attractive label for consumers than middle-aged. It referred to those post-baby boomers who refused to adopt “old” methods but retained a youthful sensibility throughout their lives. can be regarded as an example of

40 shades of dopamine

You can’t escape the long, dark winters when self-care is especially important. The term dopamine dressing has gained a lot of attention over the last few years. Clothing not only covers your back and keeps you warm, but it also brings joy to your daily life. Dopamine, a neurotransmitter that the nervous system uses to send messages between nerve cells, is involved in emotions such as reward, motivation, memory and attention. When released, it evokes feelings of pleasure. The term “kigurumi cognition” means that when you associate bright and cheerful clothes with happiness, you embody that feeling.

See Me Lower

It takes a certain amount of confidence to be seen. Vibrant colors mean it doesn’t blend in with the crowd individually. Undoubtedly age brings us more confidence to wear what we choose and less attention to pleasing others. Anna Wintour and Nicola Sturgeon are two women who have gotten bolder with age.The late Queen Elizabeth II wore it in her memory bright outfit for her walk She could be seen from afar and in large crowds. She doesn’t solve social discrimination by wearing bright colors, but it does ensure that women make an outfit fuss and are seen.

because you can

As circumstances change and women retire, work part-time, are self-employed, or run their own businesses, it becomes possible to ditch the organizational uniform. , or may contain certain types of professional “uniforms” that are expected. Sticking to the line and being part of a team to effectively and humanly extend the ‘brand’ are all part of the labor contract. But the joy of being able to shake off the vices of ballroom dresses and wear whatever you want is liberating, and she’s one reason why colorful dresses are on the rise.

create your own spotlight

As we get older, we change. Our skin, hair and bodies all change. Darker colors can wear off as you lose color in your hair and skin, while lighter tones and vibrant shades create highlights and lift skin tones and hair. “Gray hair acts as a neutral background and creates a dramatic contrast. Why not take this opportunity to experiment with different colors?”

not dead yet

“Color can raise the dead,” writes Iris Apfel, now 101. This haunting style icon collides with her clothes like an artist and apparently derives great joy from her kaleidoscopic adventures, which she hilariously shares with her social media followers.Only when we are closer to death than birth can we appreciate every day of physical health and sanity of mind. teeth special occasion. Wearing color is itself a celebration, a declaration of life, positivity and optimism.

Nirgin Yusuf is a freelance writer. you can find her on her twitter @nirgin and Instagram @nilgin_yusuf. and subscriber Do not miss it Interview with Emmanuelle Morgan The Designerist (pictured above), here.

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