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Test drive Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 4 and fell in love

Photo credit: Samsung

As a Samsung newbie, I’ve been using the new Galaxy Z Flip4 for the past week.

When I first saw on Instagram that Samsung was launching a smart flip phone, I instantly felt nostalgic. In the early 2000s, I was obsessed with pocket-sized gadgets. I remember begging my parents for a candy-colored Sharp flip phone after seeing some of my fifth-grade classmates have new phones adorned with charms, rhinestones, and other personalizations. I remember.

As an adult, the thought of finally owning a flip phone without compromising on features is exciting. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 launched in August, so I’ve spent the past week testing the new and improved device to see what the fuss is all about.

First impression

Photo credit: Samsung

My phone’s sleek metal exterior features the brand’s signature Bora purple. Whether it’s on the runway or in design, it’s one of the hottest colors of the year, making a strong statement in terms of visual appeal. If you don’t like purple, you can choose from other shades such as blue, graphite, and pink gold.

The body is also compact. Holding a normal-sized smartphone can hurt your fingers, but this model is sleek and easy to handle. I love small wallets (thanks Lizzo and Jacquemus), so I often have my phone in my hand, and his (roughly) 3-inch Flip 4 solves that problem.

Open the phone to reveal a seamless 6.7-inch screen with a crisp display. There is a small dimple in the center of the screen that some people may find annoying when folded, but the screen is reported to be able to withstand over 200,000 folds.

As part of Samsung’s sustainability initiative, the device is made from repurposed fishing nets, or ghost nets, that end up in the ocean.

That cover screen

Photo credit: Samsung

One of the coolest features of the Galaxy Z Flip4 is its cover screen. An updated 1.9-inch cover screen that improves on previous models lets you respond to notifications, check the weather, and make payments without opening the phone. It’s a nice feature when you spend time with your loved ones. Receive important information and easily return to the conversation without having to pick up your phone.

All customization

Photo credit: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 is all about personalization, so the brand has released a bespoke edition so everyone can mix and match exterior and frame colors. It’s a great way to personalize your phone if you prefer a more edgy look.

I also love that you can customize your cover screen with different clock styles, avatars, and even gifs. At first, I chose a lovely blue “monster” that reminded me of Susuwatari. My Neighbor Totoro. Later in the week, I switched to photos of me and my friends.

QuickShots and other camera features

Photo credit: Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 has a “Quick Shot” feature that allows you to take pictures without opening the phone. Simply click the side button to display the front view of the camera on the cover screen. Not only is this feature useful if you want a quick check on your fit, but you can also wave to the camera and snap a selfie (but that’s not the case). everytime work).

Plus, the main camera features a ‘Flex’ mode so you can capture content hands-free. Content For his creator, solo travellers, and those who like to take group photos without relying on strangers, the Flip4 serves as a tripod in its own right. The color grading and sharpness of the photos taken with this camera are lackluster compared to other devices I’ve used, but I appreciate the sharpness of the image quality when zoomed in (up to 10x). increase.

final thoughts

After a week of carrying my phone with me everywhere (albeit as a second device), I understand why I was drawn to this revolutionary phone in the first place. I keep reaching for my Galaxy Z Flip4 to check my notifications, check my calendar, and take pictures with my friends. I’m not quite ready to move to Android in every aspect of my life, but I can definitely see the benefits of this clean and compact device. Bonus: It’s a great conversation starter and will make you popular wherever you go. I’m already on my way to “flipping” the people around me.

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