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“Sway had the answer,” says Ye – aGOODoutfit

Kanye West has had many viral moments. he’s a viral machine. But his Sway interview in 2013 is arguably one of his biggest viral moments. The now-legendary “YOU AI N’T GOT THE ANSWERS SWAY!” explosion is his one of the most iconic interview moments in the history of journalism. If you haven’t seen his classic Sway x Kanye interview for reference, check out the full story below.

Now, nine years later, Kanye has changed his tune. After a deal with Gap and adidas went awry, Ye now backtracks and claims Sway had the answer from the start. Sway suggested to Kanye in 2013 to “step back and do it yourself.” This means independently selling apparel directly to consumers, and Ye is now trying to do that.

look at yes good morning america The soundbite he confesses was Sway all the way down.

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