Survive the Vegas Heat with a Brita Filter Bottle — Ivana Jorgensen

If you’re interested in helping our planet and are as water-obsessed as I am (it’s literally the only liquid I drink other than wine), one Brita Filter Bottle can replace 1,800 plastic. would be glad to know A water bottle once a year! Multiply this by the number of people in your household and you’ll be amazed at how much plastic you’re removing from landfills.

I was completely shocked when I heard the statistics and saw the pictures of how much single-use plastic is damaging our planet and ecosystem. Play your part! It takes about 450 years for one plastic bottle to decompose. If this rate continues, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. 🙁 Small changes in your life, like switching to a Brita filter bottle, can make a big difference in our future.