Sunglasses that make you wish it was summer all year round

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Are you the type to wear sunglasses indoors? I. Guilty of being charged. She has nothing to do with being a diva or what I consider Anna Wintour’s doppelgänger. Concise and simple. Maybe it’s because I’m a working mother who doesn’t have childcare, but it’s not. Long before it became my reality, there were days when I looked like a ‘dead woman walking’ – ghostly pale and terribly tired. Why don’t you feel better wearing shades? I stopped feeling awkward about it long ago. You’re more or less likely to wear sunglasses in the winter than in the summer (as well as protection from cold winds, right?), and you’re more or less likely to wear them indoors and outdoors.

Agree or not, there’s no denying that looking at the sunglasses below makes me wish it was summer all year round. These are more than just functional accessories, they can be statement pieces. make clothes.

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