Styling method of tulle skirt over 50 years old

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen!皆さんが元気でいることを願っています!先週は今までで一番忙しい週でした。 (LTK、以前の Reward Style) カンファレンスに参加しました。あなたが本当に年をとったと感じたいなら、それはその場所でした!そこにいる他のみんなと比べて、私は恐竜のように感じました。私たちの約10人は同年代でしたが、残りはとても若かったです。そこにいるのはまだ楽しかったですが、疲れました。

Before talking about today, I would like to tell everyone that Hurricane Ian is sorry. My heart became very sad.ナポリにある義理の娘の実家は大打撃を受け、再建しなければなりません。フロリダは私のお気に入りの場所の 1 つです。

This skirt is tulle あなたは素晴らしい秋の外観が必要です (私がどのようにそれをしたかのように?)。 I always loved tulle (I had been doing dance lessons and recitals for many years), but I didn’t try to incorporate the tulle into the wardrobe until the Carry Blood show cooled. ! Still, I probably won’t wear a full -fledged tulle exterior (at my age), but the tulle’s skirt has been revived. Most of us here (50 years old or older)と同じなら、このトレンドをどのように着ますか?

A small tulle is a long way, and a skirt is the best way to try it. If you don’t have a tulle skirt, it’s a fun item to put it in a closet for dress -up or dress down. Anthropology It is one of the best places to find a tulle piece.

My favorite way to styling a “chubby” skirt is to use a structured top or jacket. skirt I’m wearing a little tulle and giving something special, so I’m wearing it. The movement when walking is wonderful!I tried to match it with the fitting turtleneck and Snake print boots,However cropped jacket When Kate’s heel Is also a great choice.I think so too tea When Combat boots this Also thisWhy don’t you try this trend?

Breast cancer awareness month

Unless you live under the rock, I know this is a breast cancer awareness month, and most people probably know that I am a triple negative breast cancer survivor. TNBC It is a more active form of breast cancer.あなたはそれについてもっと読むことができます here. 私はもう 9 年になりますが、まだここにいることにとても感謝しています。 Triple negative is not stimulated by hormones and does not discriminate age. Some women in their 20s have been diagnosed. Make a reservation for a mammograph (if you have a plan) and perform a self -check. If you have a younger daughter, talk about this and be sure to do a self -check. Early detection is important! From a lot of experience, I can assert that I don’t recommend it! I will mention it many times in October.

Vera Bradley Is a brand I have cooperated, and 20% of the purchase price of Happiness Returns Pink and Rose Toal products will be donated directly to the Vera Blood Less Milk Foundation. Vera Bradley は、友人や同僚が乳がんとの戦いに敗れた後、独自の財団を立ち上げました。現在までに、彼らは 3800 万ドル以上を調達しました。


先週に引き続き、今日もキャッチアップをしています。 I jacked my back about a month ago, but I am still meeting the chiropractor, hoping that the chiropractor will help you feel better. I am outside the planned door. In the case, then it is an errand day.

皆様にとって素晴らしい一日となりますように! Energetic and safe! XX

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