Style Roundup: 20 Fall Jackets For Men

If you live in a place like winter winter, the countdown clock for outdoor socializing is already ticking. It won’t be long before we are all forced back indoors to survive the long, cold, lonely winters.

Excuse me, was that a fiasco? I meant Now is the time to buy a stylish autumn jacket! Wear it while you can!

in the end, Autumn jackets for men are like catnip for us women.

We love men with thoughtful, layered looks, and stylish outerwear really peace de resistance Any outfit. Our team has rounded up 20 of his favorite styles for 2022. Happy shopping!

Below are the 20 best fall jackets for men.

1. Akashigama $155

SG says: The Noragi Jacket in Bolo Patchwork print may not be your everyday staple, but this statement layer is perfect for complementing your fall wardrobe.

At SG HQ this fall, you can’t go wrong with a cozy patchwork style jacket. how is it?

2. Abercrombie & Fitch, $400

Abercrombie Fitch Leather Biker Jacket

SG says: a real A leather jacket under $500? Better believe

Abercrombie & Fitch biker style (This is also cool! Believe me!) It’s the perfect middle-of-the-road entry point for a forever leather jacket.

Expensive enough that you know it’s legal. Not $$$ that makes your eyes water when you hand them your credit card.

3. J Crew, $498

SG says: Our favorite item from the J.Crew fall collection. Yes, it’s expensive, but this wool barn coat is forever and always stands out in a good way when worn.

Four. Todd Snyder, $1,298

Todd Snyder camel topcoat

SG says: A super top secret style tip is that a classy top coat is a complete game changer for men.

you can throw it literally No matter what you wear, you will look 100% classy.

So don’t save it for special occasions. If anything, this jacket looks better as the star of the show.

Five. Flint and Tinder, $298

SG says: We love this waxed canvas jacket with its modern fit and comfortable flannel lining from one of Britain’s oldest wool mills.

All in all, this Flint and Tinder coat (available from fall brand partner Huckberry!) is a sturdy jacket with a sophisticated style that’s ready for fall.

6. LL Bean, $119

SG says: You need the confidence to look like a teddy bear when you leave the house, so this kind of sherpa fleece allover coat isn’t for everyone.

In a good way, obviously.

7. Seneca, $428

SG says: A reversible, packable, lightweight jacket perfect for fall.

With a modern, slim fit, Seneca’s Technical Nylon Coat is an athleisure investment that will be a staple in your wardrobe.

8. Target, $50

target tracker jacket

SG says: Target’s stunningly stylish trucker jacket Goodfellow & Company The lines look great.

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Our team loves that added touch of Sherpa color.

9. Barracuta, $449

Baracuta G9 Classic Jacket

SG says: Top coats and car coats look great on men. I honestly don’t understand why more people don’t wear them.

It’s a laissez-faire way to do elevated casual style. Totally ‘handsome rich man from the movie Saturday morning out for coffee’ vibe.

The Baracuta style is the gold standard for Harrington jackets. You have it and you wear it – forever.

The plaid lining adds visual interest without being too busy, giving you a stylish and sophisticated look and feel that you won’t feel like you’re wearing StAtEmEnT CoAt that you can only bust out for special occasions. .

Ten. American Eagle, $75

american eagle workwear jacket

SG says: It’s always a good time to put on a workwear jacket.

By definition, a workwear coat protects you from the “weather”. With the right materials, you can wear it with just about anything, making it a very versatile jacket for your coat closet.

Perfect for a breezy fall morning stroll or an outdoor lunch with friends, a hardwearing coat like this AE Coat offers comfort while keeping your style game on point.

11. Gap, $89

Everlane black denim jacket.

SG says: Every man can have a denim jacket in their fall outerwear repertoire, but what about a black denim jacket?

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It takes things up a notch. Wear it like a leather jacket for a cool, sophisticated look.

12. Taylor Stitch, $198

SG says: This jacket is lightweight yet extremely durable, perfect for layering in the fall.

Any good place to start? Worn over the team’s favorite fall sweater.

13. Bonobo, $189

Bonobo Black Boulevard Bomber Jacket

SG says: It’s never a bad idea to have a bomber on standby, especially one as sophisticated as this Bonobos style.

14. Fahti, $198

faherty blanket-lined shirt jacket

SG says: Men’s autumn jacket is a shirt jacket (commonly known as a shirt jacket) yet totally trending.

what are you looking for !

15. Alpha Industries, $200

Alpha Industries Ma-1 Hooded Battlewash Flight Jacket

SG says: Disappointed with new things top gun Have you finally left the theater?

Comfort yourself with a cool flight jacket that makes Goose proud.

Wear it with jeans and a t-shirt, or dress it up with twill pants and a sweater under the coat.

16. H&M, $99

H&M wool blend black coat

SG says: Don’t sleep in H&M’s surprisingly sturdy outerwear.

This wool-blend black topcoat will add a touch of understated elegance to any outfit.

17. Barber, $395

Barbour Classic Beaufort Wax Jacket

SG says: It is the season of bad weather. For those days when you don’t know what to expect, this long-lasting barber is perfect for you.

18. Ug, $168

ugg shirt jacket

SG says: You can’t go wrong with this plaid shirt jacket from Ugg. Yes, from September she is the maker of comfy boots that all girls wear until March.

The style is completely timeless and doesn’t look like it’s trying too hard.

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19. Express, $139

SG says: Hello, how cool would you be in this cool houndstooth top coat.

Spoiler: Very cool.

20. Herschel Supply, $100

Herschel Supply Waterproof Rain Parka, Men's Fall Jacket

SG says: Sometimes the weather becomes miserable. It’s okay, you can still go!

A sophisticated take on an outdoor staple, this hooded jacket from Herschel features a generous cut, waterproof stretch shell and sealed seams to protect you from downpours and drizzle.


Now that you’ve seen the best fall jackets for men, prepare the rest of your wardrobe properly..

A nice coat can really pull your look together, so don’t let it be an afterthought. Instead, see your top layer as a great opportunity to further express your style.

Plus – obvious – The coat keeps you warm! Talk about a win-win.

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