Social Media and the Creator’s Dilemma in 2022

Hi. hello! 1 minute passed! I’ve definitely neglected this space during the holiday season and year-end business, but it’s really worth it for writing long sentences and making images and links live somewhere other than just Instagram. I’m back for now because I think there are highlights. I also refer to my posts from time to time and I think it will help Steffy in the future! I would like to share my thoughts and feelings about the current state of Instagram in 2022. I feel like sharing my thoughts on this app that we all lose so much time on each year. Also, I think that we creators often worry about what we say. For fear of appearing like we are whining, or that we are just starving to grow, connect with the audience we have already cultivated. The future of this app and social media as a whole is completely out of our control, and I think it’s important enough to discuss where it’s headed. I think it’s just to complain about “algorithms”. great villain Who is trying to get us individually. It’s not. But the changes we’ve seen in the industry lately have been tremendous, and from 2021 to he’s 2022, I think it’s the biggest change I’ve ever seen since I started this blog in 2010.

For starters, we polled people on Instagram about their photo vs. video preferences. The majority of you chose the photo as your preference. But sorry, but as 2020 started as Tik Tok’s “pandemic boredom” grew and grew, and as 2021 continues, it’s become really clear that video is king and will continue to grow. rice field. with time. I think the biggest question most people ask me is, “If your viewers love your photos so much, why are you posting more videos?” But the truth is that my viewers actually see my posts far less than you might think. If you agree to Instagram’s hidden agenda and post your videos, your reach will be much greater and your videos are more likely to go viral. When you post a photo, it is usually hidden/buried. Then, there are many people who say “I’ve never seen such a post!!” in DM.

In some ways this is frustrating, but in others see things differently, and you can ask yourself the hard questions. The hardest question is, “Are the photos worth sharing?” The answer for me is yes, but maybe a little less. The biggest difference between videos and photos is that photos come with longer and more thoughtful captions. I love reading thoughtful captions and save the ones that speak to me along the way. , but that day, VS pre-filmed and edited video. For the past ten years, I have spent almost every day taking pictures. Because Instagram says so! However, I believe there is a “change of time” happening to everyone who is trying to adapt to changing times. At some point, if we don’t spend more time filming, editing, watching videos for inspiration, etc., we’re falling behind. That’s my biggest fear in working in marketing – falling behind. No one wants to be the last person to join a party. I’ve seen a lot of people who think they’re too old to learn new things, or who are *not affected*, but trust me… by the shift, but by the day. In the end (or honestly lol), it affects each of us.

It affects us all in invisible ways. It’s a waste of time. I don’t know much about you guys (let me know in the comments!), but I found myself dividing my time by his 50/50. spend my time Trends also have a trickle-down effect, almost all of them originating from Tik Tok and moving from there to Instagram. not the other way around. In a way, isn’t Tik Tok on top? is freaking out and seeing their time dwindle. That’s scary for them, and it should be scary for TBH Creators, right?

It’s not necessarily that scary because seeing how fast this industry moves has forced me to adapt. I love you! Remember when we scrolled through Facebook every night or chatted on FB Messenger? , everyone may be laughing at the time when they were worried about their favorite things.

As creators, we always choose between what our audience wants, what the platforms we rely on are pushing, and our own personal desires and needs. If I feel overwhelmed or confused by everything, the best thing for me is to take a step back and re-evaluate and have a chat with you guys to see what is important to me and It’s a matter of getting serious about what the future holds.. I’m not at all sure if Instagram will die, or if barriers to entry will prevent marketing budgets from shifting entirely to Tik Tok. , what I do know is that video content is the future. It’s a hurdle we’re all learning to overcome, and as much as creators are resisting change, Instagram audiences are even more resisting it – so. But what I want from the growth of video is to get rid of all the false pretense of perfection, perfect pictures, perfect life, and over-filtering, and instead ask video for a more honest lens of life. is. It’s a special moment. We hope to undo some of the negative effects Instagram photos have had on our mental health.

What do you think of Shift? Are you for or against it?