‘Skin Deep’ with Alex Hunter Fitzalan — Men’s Fashion Post

How does LA treat you, especially Hollywood? Are there any highlights from living here? Are there any eye-opening moments in the industry?

It’s hard to answer this question from my parents’ house in Brisbane, Australia! It’s just a lot of patience and waiting for the right opportunity to come across your lap. Also, when I went to a party, when I was standing in line to pee, Jon Hamm came out of the bathroom and I nodded when I went to pee after him. not bad.

Please tell us about your fashion style.

Rugged (but not too rugged), vintage (not too vintage), minimal, simple staples, and classic styles are all overwhelming. I like this “classic English gentleman” idea.

Also, what type of music/artist are you currently listening to?

Tame Impala, DOPE LEMON, LCD Soundsystem, James Blake – back in Australia and my playlist has been rejuvenated!

How important is music to you?

Music helps me concentrate. Especially when you are working, you can stay focused. I think listening to great music is very important. Never heard of this artist, but this will be my jam for a while – ‘Elastic – Joey Purp’

MFP: Finally, what is your obsession/passion/hobby that many people don’t know about?

I originally competed in stone jumping competitions around Australia, but would like to expand my horizons and participate in the World Skimming Competition in Easdale, Scotland.

For five years, Alex Fitzalan has captivated audiences with his dynamic performances, but his recent portrayal as Harry Bingman is far less compelling. A talented 23-year-old with professional accomplishments as diverse as his indie playlist, it’s clear he has a bright future ahead of him.