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Six Valentino Garavani must-have tote bags

Those who know me here already know that I adore designer bags. I’m still undecided on what to buy. designer bags 2022 you’re going to bring me! Usually girls prefer crossbody bags and small shoulder bags, but recently they have been traveling more often, so tote bag Very attractive! I’ve always loved the look of tote bag designs, but now they come in smaller sizes too, so it’s perfect for my small frame.

My focus is on the new Valentino Garavani. womens tote bag The ones that caught my eye, as well as some of the brand’s classic totes. I regularly pick classic colors such as , but I gravitate toward brighter colors.It’s summer these days, so they really make the outfits pop. 6 Valentino Garavani Designer Tote Bags I Fell In Love Withwhich you can see below.

It’s Valentino Garavani VLTN PRINTED CANVAS TOTE BAG that I adore!that is classic black and white, perfect for my international travels and also perfect as a carry-on bag on the plane. i love this! Very comfortable and easy to wear.

Next up is this super cute Valentino Garavani VLogo. Signature Wicker Bucket Bag And it’s the most adorable designer tote bag you’ve ever seen. I especially love summer looks at the beach and this couldn’t be more perfect for the occasion! The perfect combination of brown leather and cream wicker! Now, celebs love Valentino Garavani One Studs. He was considering a bag, but wanted to move away from his usual crossbody design choice, so this bucket was his bag. I had both crossbody and Thoth!

Next Valentino Garavani Round rain embroidered canvas bag from the Escape 2022 collection This is a fiery, statement-making bag!I don’t usually go for something this bold, but it’s a stunning piece! The embroidery is just gorgeous and it will look so pretty with some summer dresses.

move to another location classicthis is Valentino Garavani Rockstud leather tote bag in brown. Valentino Garavani Rockstud shoes, sandals and mini locks Everyone knows I’m a big fan of the Rockstud collection because he owns the bag. This is also a women’s tote bag that is perfect for airplane travel!

Now if we are thinking of something a little more glamorfor evening events, this is Valentino Garavani Giraffa Re Edition motif bag with sequins, also from the Escape 2022 collection, and so gorgeous! The black and white giraffe design is very elegant and I like it. This is one of our brand new 2022 totes and it’s awesome!

Last but not least, Valentino Garavani. Waves Multicolor Embroidered Canvas Bag! Similar to the smaller Rain design, this one is larger and makes more of a statement. I love the bright combination of red, burgundy, orange and yellow!

– Which of the six Valentino Garavani designer tote bags should you buy?

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